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Startup Roundup

Viber’s new business model: rerouting your phone calls

Viber recently announced reaching 200 million users. The company’s current growth is particularly impressive, with data showing half a million new users joining the service every day. Until recently though, it wasn’t clear how the company was planning to generate revenue from these users since the app it offers is free. To find out how Viber intends to make money, click here.

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OurCrowd’s ReWalk (Argo) is featured in The Globe and Mail


OurCrowd’s Takes is featured in Israel’s top tech blog, Israel21C


Technology Corner

InSightec will ‘cook’ and destroy tumors in the human body

Removing tumors from the human body often means complicated surgery with serious risks. InSightec, an Israeli biotechnology company, is working on a product that could mean the destruction of tumors without having to make a single incision by essentially “cooking” tumors inside the body. To read more about the technology that may prevent unnecessary surgery and post operation complications, click here.

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 Trending Israeli Entrepreneurs

Benchmark’s Eisenberg &’s Shochat raise $140M for new VC

Eisenberg and Shochat, who have played a key role in the development of a new generation of Israeli startups are on a mission to reverse a trend in a country that has traditionally favored later-stage and enterprise-skewed venture capital. Both Eisenberg and Shochat are teaming up to create Aleph — a new fund that aims to bring some much-needed local, early-stage support to Israeli startups. The VC’s first fund is nearly closed and is estimated at $140M in size. To read more about this new fund, click here.

The OurCrowd beginner’s guide to a term sheet

When an investor plans to make an investment in a startup, one of the things in the forefront of his or her mind is: what are the terms of the deal? OurCrowd’s Amy Sheng deconstructs term sheets for investors. To read more click here.

UpWest Labs launches its fifth batch of Israeli startups

UpWest Labs just launched its fifth class of startups. The famous incubator only accepts a handful of companies, so only 25 have graduated so far. The entrepreneurs live and work together for three months before launching their products. To read more about UpWest Labs and the lucky startups that were chosen, click here.

OurCrowd’s News Nuggets


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