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The top 100 thought leaders in crowdfunding today

One of the fastest growing trends in finance is crowdfunding — from reward-based platforms (like Kickstarter and Indiegogo) to equity crowdfunding like the kind we employ at OurCrowd. So, we’ve researched and indentified the top 100 thought leaders in the crowdfunding space today. To check out the full list (alas, our CEO and founder, Jon Medved wasn’t named because, heck, it was our list) and a pretty cool infographic of the top 30, click here.

Startup Roundup

Top 12 Israeli Agri-Tech startups

Agri-Tech is a method of taking technological innovation and introducing it to the agricultural world, from water efficient irrigation systems to the cherry tomato (an Israeli invention). Today, there are literally hundreds of Israeli startups making life a whole lot easier and productive for farmers around the world. Israel21C brings you the top 12 agri-tech startups in Israel. To check out the full list, click here.

OurCrowd In The News

OurCrowd’s Zack Miller’s article featured in Forbes


OurCrowd’s portfolio company,  ReWalk, featured on ABC news


Technology Corner

Israeli Nanotechnology growing in the Negev Desert

Despite all the fanfare, nanotechnology is still in its infancy. But as far as potential goes, the sky is the limit. Think of tiny tiny robots that are able to carry out espionage missions or search for and destroy cancerous cells in the human body without the patient feeling a thing. Such technology is being developed in the new tech hub recently opened in Beer Sheva, the capital city of Israel’s Negev region. To read more about nanotechnology and the tech hub’s plans, click here.

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 Trending Israeli Entrepreneurs

Symantec to host “Hackathon” in Israel

A hacking marathon, or Hackathon, is a great way for cybersecurity firms to test their security by challenging the best and brightest hackers to find weaknesses in their systems. That’s why cybersecurity giant, Symantec, is hosting a massive hackathon in Israel this week, aimed at bringing together the best ‘good-guy’ hackers to participate in an intensive cyber-defense readiness challenge. To read more about the hackathon, click here

10 Israeli startups operating in the Big Apple

Even though Israel is considered a great breeding ground for startups, for some companies, it’s just not enough. So, many of the Israeli-born startups emigrate, ending up in the business capital of the world, New York City — all with the hope of addressing a much bigger audience and bettering their chances for global success. To find out who the top 10 Israeli startups living it up in NYC are, click here.
What’s a growth hacker?

In startups, if you’re not growing your company’s user base, outreach, content and public awareness, your flat-lining. That is why having a growth hacker, someone whose sole purpose in life is to grow the beast, is as essential as having air to breathe. To find out more about the mystical growth hacker and why startups must have one, click here.

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