Leading global venture platform expands its reach in Japan via collaboration with Tokyo-based multinational corporation

Tokyo/Jerusalem – March 16, 2021 –  NTT Finance, a subsidiary of NTT Group (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone), announced today that it will establish NTT Finance Israel LP together with OurCrowd. NTT Finance will commit $15 million (1.5 billion yen) as it launches a dedicated investment program, in which OurCrowd will provide early access to its deal flow pipeline, giving NTT its choice of deals. Via the OurCrowd platform, NTT will leverage a value-added gateway to leading technologies such as AI, IoT, Medical/Healthcare and Autonomous Car industries, for investment and commercialization.

OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved said: “We are delighted to partner with NTT, one of the world’s leading telecommunications and IT companies. Working closely with NTT, we expect to further strengthen ties between Israel, Japan and the global tech community.”

NTT Finance President Yoshikiyo Sakai said, “NTT Finance will contribute to pursuing business growth for both NTT Group and startups in Israel, facilitating potential opportunities to launch collaborations between their businesses, through expanding venture investments in IT startups.”

Established in 1985, with headquarters in Japan, NTT Finance is a full-service financial services firm providing billing, payment services, financing and credit card. NTT Finance is a subsidiary of NTT Corporation, the Japanese telecommunications giant and one of the leading corporations in Japan.  

The OurCrowd community consists of almost 80,000 registered investors from over 195 countries. Rated “the most active venture investor in Israel” by Pitchbook, OurCrowd has more than $1.5 billion in commitments and has made investments in more than 240 companies and 25 funds.


About NTT Finance: NTT Finance, a subsidiary of NTT Group (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone), is a full-service financial services firm providing billing, payment services, financing and credit card.  For more information visit: https://www.ntt-finance.co.jp/eng/

About OurCrowd: OurCrowd is a global venture investment platform that empowers institutions and individuals to invest and engage in emerging companies. With $1.5 billion of committed funding, and investments in more than 240 portfolio companies and 25 venture funds, OurCrowd offers access to its membership of 80,000 individual accredited and institutional investors, family offices, and venture capital partners from over 195 countries to invest alongside, at the same terms. Rated by PitchBook as the most active venture investor in Israel, OurCrowd portfolio companies have been acquired by some of the most prestigious brands in the world, including Microsoft, Uber, Canon, Oracle, Nike, and Intel. To register visit www.ourcrowd.com.


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