Israel’s startup funding is climbing at a strong pace as tech companies raise $2.24B in Q3, the most raised in Israel in any quarter since 2013.

Speaking of funding, Ride Vision is an Israeli startup we are currently investing in which provides motorcycles with collision avoidance (think how Mobileye has impacted car safety). The company just received their first insurance deal to reduce premiums for users

More good news from OurCrowd in the US: we are happy to join Millennium alternative investment network to offer access to venture capital opportunities through self-directed IRAs.

Startup Nation and beyond

I feel there is a strong shared global interest in the phenomenon that is Israeli innovation, where people all over the world are seeking the “Israeli special sauce” that allows this small country to punch way beyond its weight in coming up with unexpected solutions to global problems, and often very quickly. My thoughts on Crowdfunding, Beyond Meat, Impact Investments, Innovation Ecosystems and the “Israeli Special Sauce”.

The way people communicate, how they fight wars, how they work and even how long they live are poised to be radically different in a few decades time. Israel is looking for technologies to help it prepare.

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