Israel is the #2 startup ecosystem in the world (right after Silicon Valley).

Smart investors in early-stage companies have done very well for themselves.

Here’s a list of some valuable resources for people considering investing in the Start-up Nation:


The case for investing in Israel

The Immigration Nation: What makes Israel a good place to invest in startups: Israel has world-class startups that compete globally. Here’s how Israel’s history contributes to the startup — and investing — culture in the Start-up Nation.

The Startup Nation’s Hall of Fame: The top M&A in Israeli history: This article lists the largest mergers and acquisitions Israel has had over the past few years.

Collective innovation: The Start-up Nation’s roots in the kibbutz movement: It may sound like a contradiction but the success Israel has had in building a startup ecosystem that rivals Silicon Valley may have come from its socialist history.


Picking a winning investment in an Israeli startup

Finding the next Waze: An inside view of startup investing and due diligence: If you want to know how professional investors (and how we make investment decisions at OurCrowd), this presentation and video provides an insider’s view of sizing up investing in Israeli startups. (Bonus: customer channel check document).

Investing in Israeli startups: Lower your risk by building a world-class portfolio: Especially in a country full of startups, it’s not easy to pick a winner. To make money investing in Israeli startups, investors must (!) lower their risk by investing in a portfolio of early-stage companies.


Realizing your investment

Make Turn at Next Exit — A Roadmap for startup investing: This article looks at how investors get their money back via mergers, acquisitions, and initial public offerings (IPO).


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