The OurCrowd guide to getting on MeetingBurner webinars.

Evaluating early stage companies is a challenge, and knowing the teams behind the companies is an integral part to smart startup investing. As such, OurCrowd’s regular webinars, where investors can meet the teams of each startup, are a core part of the OurCrowd investment experience.

OurCrowd uses MeetingBurner to facilitate webinars, which feature both audio and video. To take full advantage of webinars, OurCrowd members should aim to be able to watch, listen, and be able to participate audibly as well. Instructions follow.

Joining a webinar:

  1. Register: OurCrowd sends out most invitations to webinars via email. After clicking the link to register for a webinar, fill out your details on the invitation webpage. Submitting your details prompts MeetingBurner to send you a unique access URL to the email you submitted on the invitation webpage. Keep this unique link, as you’ll need it to view the webinar’s video feed. You’ll also get a phone number that you can use to simultaneously dial in to listen/speak – more on this below.
  2. Days/hours before: as the webinar approaches, OurCrowd will generally send a reminder email. Though we’ll give you the webinar’s dial-in number, you still need your unique access URL to view the webinar’s video stream. To get that URL, you’ll need the confirmation email you got from MeetingBurner originally. 
  3. Join the webinar online (skip to next section if without a computer): ~2minutes before the webinar officially starts, click the unique access URL you received in the confirmation email from MeetingBurner. This link will open the webinar’s MeetingBurner in your web browser.
    1. Important: you’ll immediately be presented with the option to just watch/listen to the webinar, to watch/listen/speak using your computer’s microphone, or to watch on your computer and use a phone line to dial in to listen/speak.
    2. If you don’t want to participate audibly on the webinar, choose the first option. You’ll still be able to watch and hear everything, and submit questions via the chat box to the bottom left of the screen.
    3. If you have a microphone on your computer and are comfortable using it, go ahead and select the second option.
    4. Lastly, if you’re more comfortable listening and speaking via phone, select the third option and use any phone to dial into the webinar’s dedicated line.

Special Cases:

  1. Phone-in only: If you don’t have a computer available, you can also join the webinar’s audio-stream and participate audibly via any phone line. The dial-in number will have been emailed to you in the confirmation email MeetingBurner sent post-registration. Reminder emails often contain this dial-in number as well.