The OurCrowd guide to investor documents and reports.

Investing in an OurCrowd company is just the first part of an investor’s journey. After the investment, investors track their companies’ progress and can address some tax requirements with the help of regularly issued reports. OurCrowd makes these reports available through the My Investments section of the website.

Reporting basics

  1. Company Reports & Documents: After committing to invest in a company, filling out documentation, and wiring money to OurCrowd, an investor will get access to two types of company-specific documents. Under Documents, investors will be able to access their Articles of Partnership, a legal document that specifies their involvement in the limited partnership that is funding their company. The OurCrowd finance team also posts annual financial statements under this section. Under the Reports section, investors can access brief reports issued quarterly by companies. See Figure 1 & 2 to see how to get these items. Also under Reports, OurCrowd’s finance team posts Capital Accounts Statements and, for US investors, K-1 Information Statements.
  2. Investor Holdings Reports: Once a quarter OurCrowd compiles a report on all your holdings. These reports include the key dates, investment figures, ownership percentage and type, and other information for your accounting purposes. If you invest through multiple entities, your report will detail each entity’s holdings separately. See Figure 3 & 4 to see how to get these holdings reports.

Now that you’ve reviewed the basics of reporting and company documentation, click here to log into OurCrowd and view your documents.

Figure 1:

My Investments 1









Figure 2:

My Investments 2

Figure 3:

My Investments 3








Figure 4:

My Investments 4