Kindeva Drug Delivery (Kindeva) and Breath of Life International (BOL Pharma or BOL) have signed an agreement to study the feasibility of multiple inhaled cannabinoid products. Under the agreement, Kindeva will develop novel formulations of BOL Pharma’s cannabinoid-based drug products delivered by Kindeva’s metered-dose inhaler (MDI) technology. Subject to all required regulatory approvals, the products under development could go on to treat a range of central nervous system diseases, including autism spectrum disorder, epilepsy, and general severe pain and anxiety experienced as part of conditions such as palliative care and diabetic neuropathy. If successful, this early-stage activity could lead to the long-term commercial supply of regulated inhaled cannabinoid products, leveraging Kindeva’s commercial manufacturing capabilities and BOL’s accumulated know-how and innovation in the field of medical cannabis.

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