The Next Web’s Shira Abel spoke with Zvi Schreiber, CEO of OurCrowd portfolio company TradeOS, on June 9th. Their interview focused on the company’s push to modernize the freight industry. TradeOS’ ability to bring change to an industry that has been “shockingly Internet-resistant” is, in Abel’s words, “sexy”.

TradeOS, funded by OurCrowd investors in 2012, is building the world’s premiere B2B marketplace for freight forwarding, called FreightOS. “The final stage of business to consumer sales has been very well automated by companies like Amazon and Ebay,” Schreiber explained in an interview with OurCrowd in 2012, “while business to business transactions mean sending quotes by email and fax and waiting for days.” FreightOS is bringing the same efficient online platform found in B2C sales to the B2B world.

Read an excerpt of the piece below, or view it on The Next Web here.

Zvi Schreiber is the CEO of FreightOS and a repeat, successful entrepreneur. Three out of the last four companies he’s founded were acquired. Tradeum was his largest success with a “home run” exit of $500 Million in shares back in 2000. It’s not a billion dollars, but it still doesn’t suck.

Now he’s cast his sight on disrupting the freight/cargo industry, one that generally avoids technology and has been shockingly Internet-resistant – until now. FreightOS launched a freight pricing automation platform back in March. It is working with several freight forwarders including a “multi-billion giant.”