HAIFA, Israel and MIAMI, July 20, 2023 /CNW/ — Insightec, a global healthcare company dedicated to using focused ultrasound (FUS) technology to transform patient care, today announced FDA approval of the five-year study endpoint for the largest prospective long-term, follow-up study of unilateral MR-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) surgery (thalamotomy) for essential tremor (ET) to date. The data shows sustained and significant tremor improvement at five years with an overall improvement in quality-of-life measures and without any progressive or delayed complications. The study also confirms the long-term efficacy of the procedure for sufferers of ET, and follows the recent FDA approval of use of the technology to treat the second side tremor of appropriate patients. Insightec’s Focused Ultrasound technology has been used to perform over 11,000 procedures worldwide.

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