Engie, the Connected Car Maintenance Solution Launches New Solutions for Fleets, Dealers and Insurers

  • Engie’s solution connects to every car and collects its data in real time. The data is used to diagnose the car status and provide the driver insights and predictive maintenance
  • The data is shared with service providers such as mechanics, insurers and fleet managers to provide a seamless maintenance solution

Jerusalem, March 7, 2019 – Engie, the connected car maintenance solution today announced the launch of a new solution for fleets, dealers and insurers to remotely track the car condition, identify faults and provide remote assistance.

The Engie Connect system allows mechanics and insurers to remotely connect with their customers based on their car data, including status, mileage and condition, provide more remote affective assistance and increase retention. The Engie solution is distributed to the end customer by the mechanic or insurer in order to provide a VIP service outside of the shop.

The mechanic or insurer receives a view on the status of the vehicle, alters unusual car behavior, car mileage and maintenance requirements.

Engie Co-Founder &CEO, Alon Hendelman said, “For the first time mechanics and insures can interact with their customers after the sale, provide remote assistance and alert on problems to come.  Engie’s diagnostic technology makes car repair and maintenance easy, allowing service providers an access to their customers in a digital and advanced way. Service providers such as mechanics, fleet managers, insurers and more can now communicate with their customers in the right time based on the customer’s needs.”

Engie Fleet- Connected Car Maintenance Solution for Fleet Managers

Engie’s fleet app allows fleet managers to remotely connect to their cars, track their condition and mileage. Through Engie’s solution the fleet manager can better maintain his assets, reduce deprecation and provide improved customer service for his drivers. The system consolidates the car status, operations and actions in one platform using smart systems that leverage big data and machine learning algorithms.

With Engie’s solution, fleet managers get alerts on car faults and unusual car behavior; service reminders; real-time tracking so vehicles can be sent roadside assistance or directed to the nearest auto shop and more.  The software is also relevant for car rental and lease companies, which need to manage large fleets of vehicles

Engie has already partnered with big clients like AXA Mexico, Warranty Direct in the UK, BV bank in Brazil and more.

Company data: The company has raised $7.5 million to date from investors including Our Crowd, the insurance arm of BNP Paribas bank, Uri Levine and others. The Company has over 150,000 connected cars and is mainly active in Latin America markets and UK.

For more information contact Gal@engieapp.com / +972 548004700 or visit www.engieapp.com

Engie’s fleet dashboard

This announcement was made at the 2019 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit in Jerusalem, the largest technology showcase in Israel with over 170 startups and 17,000 registered attendees.