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[PRESS RELEASE] Ourcrowd 50 index fund is now available on the BNY Mellon Pershing alternative investment network

NEW YORK & JERUSALEM, April 7, 2021  –   OurCrowd, Israel’s most active venture investor, announced today that its flagship portfolio index fund OurCrowd 50 (“OC50”) has been added to BNY Mellon Pershing’s (“Pershing”) Alternative Investment Network. OC50 is a hyper-diversified investment vehicle enabling investors to participate in the next 50 OurCrowd opportunities in which OurCrowd invests at least $1M. Read more...

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[PRESS RELEASE] Israel’s Ourcrowd and Waterfund launch dedicated water and agtech partnership focused on the Middle East

JERUSALEM & NEW YORK, March 22, 2021 – OurCrowd and Waterfund announced today that they will build a dedicated investment portfolio of 15 leading water and agricultural technology companies. Waterfund committed $50 million of capital to the OurCrowd managed portfolio, with an initial investment completed in Plenty, Inc., a vertical farming leader. Read more...

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[PRESS RELEASE] Japan’S NTT Finance establishes strategic investment partnership with Israel’s OurCrowd

TOKYO & JERUSALEM, March 16, 2021 –  NTT Finance, a subsidiary of NTT Group (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone), announced today that it will establish NTT Finance Israel LP together with OurCrowd. NTT Finance will commit $15 million (1.5 billion yen) as it launches a dedicated investment program, in which OurCrowd will provide early access to its deal flow pipeline, giving NTT its choice of deals. Via the OurCrowd platform, NTT will leverage a value-added gateway to leading technologies such as AI, IoT, Medical/Healthcare and Autonomous Car industries, for investment and commercialization. Read more...

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[PRESS RELEASE] Ourcrowd appoints Hasanat Dewan as chief innovation officer, plans global AI innovation center

JERUSALEM, March 10, 2021 –  OurCrowd, the leading venture investing platform and Israel’s most active venture investor, today announced the appointment of Dr. Hasanat Dewan as Chief Innovation Officer.  Dr. Dewan will oversee the development and deployment of OurCrowd’s strategic next-generation platform, supporting a broad-based network of stakeholders and enabling investors unprecedented access to venture capital and other private markets. Read more...

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