Israel and the UAE stand to create a partnership of prosperity that will warm the economies of both countries and transform the lives of millions in the region.

In December 2019, after more than a decade of doing business with the Gulf, with me and my team having to travel from Jerusalem semi-incognito on our US passports, I became the first Israeli investor to appear on a public platform at a business conference in the United Arab Emirates.

Since news of the peace deal between the UAE and Israel was announced August 13, my Inbox has been flooded with messages from friends and business contacts in the Gulf. Since direct phone contact was established on August 16, my phone has been ringing off the hook with calls from the Emirates. We are now talking to more than a dozen potential partners in the UAE who are keen to explore the uncharted and enchanting prospects of business and investment with Israeli startups.

Like many people, I have not flown abroad for months. It looks like my first trip will be to the UAE, perhaps on the inaugural flight that opens the long dreamed-of era of direct travel between Israel and the Emirates.

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