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[Signals Analytics in CEOWorld Magazine] How Companies Are Figuring Out How to Prepare for an Uncertain Tomorrow: A Q&A with Gil Sadeh, CEO of Signals Analytics

After three months of Coronavirus and nearly two weeks of protests and riots across the United States, consumer sentiment is digging its heels into a framework of fear and anxiety. Businesses and brands are under pressure to respond and prepare for what is coming up next. To help guide them at this time of uncertainty, they are turning to data and analytics more than ever. Read...

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[Signals Analytics in HuffPost] How The Coronavirus Has Affected What We Buy At The Grocery Store

“The strong trends [we noticed pre-pandemic] are actually staying, but for different reasons,” said Frances Zelazny, chief marketing officer of advanced analytics platform Signals Analytics. “Before COVID, [vegan products] were on the rise and the driver for that trend was a split between well-being, concerns about lifestyle and fitness, animal welfare and sustainability.” Read...

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[Lemonade in Business Wire] Lemonade has launched pet insurance following a successful IPO

Lemonade signaled its intention to launch its pet insurance product in February and has now released details on the coverage: Insurance will start at $12 per month, while existing policyholders who bundle their renters or homeowners policies will be entitled to a 10% discount. The product is for cats and dogs only, and options include basic hospitalization coverage, a more comprehensive extended accident and illness package, and a preventative and wellness package. Read...

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