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[OurCrowd in The Times of Israel] Fintech Investment Market is Booming Worldwide | Kreditech, CreditEase, Oscar

The latest released on Global Fintech Investment Market delivers comprehensive data ecosystem with 360° view of customer activities, segment-based analytics-and-data to drive opportunities of evolving Fintech Investment marketplace and future outlook to 2026. It includes integrated insights of surveys conducted with executives and experts from leading institutions across various countries. Read...

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Newsletter: Top Investment Opportunities

Startup of the Week: Sfara leads an unknown $400B market Airobotics Drone Box to protect Dubai Expo Thousands tune in for Post-Pandemic Tech Trends Alpha Tau Medical plans $1B SPAC YuLife: Fast-growing digital insurer raises $70M Jasper raises $34M, gets $100M receivables from Webank SaNOtize anti-viral nasal spray goes on sale in Israel CyberMDX wins Global Health & Pharma Excellence Award Introductions More than 2,700 high-tech jobs worldwide Startup of the Week:Sfara: Leading the $400B+ market you don’t know Automotive telematics is a booming business, expected to grow more than 600% from $64B in 2019 to $416B by 2027, a CAGR of 26%. It provides crash detection, accident management, event-driven safety response, fleet-driver risk management and other essential safety protections for cars and their drivers. Join OurCrowd as we invest in Sfara, a US-based company that leads this market, replacing specialized in-vehicle hardware previously required, with software-only technology based on smartphones. With $3.4M in revenue and $10M ARR projected for 2021, Sfara’s remarkable solution has been vetted by Daimler, Bosch, and the University of Virginia using National Highway Traffic...

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