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[Wind Catching Systems in The Good Men Project] As the wind power industry looks to super-sized turbines, disruptors are betting on radical designs6 Reasons to Be Hopeful About Climate Change–Part 2

In part 1 we looked at how AI, the resilience of nature, new laws, and changes by businesses and consumers are all leading to greater hope for solving the climate crisis. In part 2 we will look at the growth in renewables and the next-generation technologies that are coming out. Read...

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[Axiom Space in NASA] NASA sets coverage for Axiom mission 2 departure from space station

NASA will provide live coverage of the undocking and departure of Axiom Mission 2 (Ax-2) private astronaut mission from the International Space Station before crew returns to Earth. The four-member multinational astronaut crew is scheduled to undock no earlier than 11:05 a.m. EDT Tuesday, May 30, from the space-facing port of the station’s Harmony module in a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft to begin the journey home and splashdown off the coast of Florida. Read...

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[Tovala in Entertainment Tonight ] Oprah’s favorite smart oven is on sale right now — get $200 off this perfect college graduation gift

Oprah’s favorite Tovala Smart Oven is on sale just in time for college graduates to set up their new apartment. We put the versatile countertop oven to the test and it certainly makes cooking easier and quick. Normally, Tovala’s oven costs $249, but now you can get it for only $49 when you sign up for six weeks of Tovala meal plans within the first six months. Read...

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