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Quantum Leap

Blockchain, 3D printing, big data, internet of things, artificial intelligence. A decade ago these were nascent technologies known only to hardcore geeks. Fast forward 10 years and they affect the everyday lives of billions. The question now is, what’s next? Quantum computers are one of the hottest buzzwords today. Developed by governments including the United States, Russia, and China and companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft, and Alibaba, quantum computers may offer computing power that far exceeds anything we have seen to date. Most recently, Google announced its new 72-qubit quantum computer in March 2018. What does this mean? 50 qubits is considered the approximate number at which quantum computing becomes capable of calculations that conventional computers cannot handle in a timely manner. Scientists believe that we can use quantum computers to tackle and explore problems that cannot be solved otherwise. This innovative approach will enable us to understand many of nature’s mysteries, create new medicines and materials, and come up with better ways to safeguard our data or explore space. Conventional computers use bits, a basic unit of information,...

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