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Have you registered yet? OurCrowd’s Global Investor Summit – the biggest event of the year

You read the latest startup news. You keep up-to-date on Israel tech innovation. Perhaps you’ve participated in webinars and invested in OurCrowd portfolio companies. Perhaps… you’re ready for more. Now, take startup investing to the next level at OurCrowd’s Global Investor Summit, December 9-10 in Jerusalem, Israel. At the event, accredited investors from around the world will: learn 2015 projections from top VCs and investment analysts speak with the incredible entrepreneurs dominating the Israeli startup scene network with other OurCrowd investors from the international community tour the hottest Israeli tech and startup destinations The Global Investor Summit is the first of its kind, bringing together angel and VC investors from around the world to meet our team and each other, as well as more than 40 startups from OurCrowd’s portfolio – across sectors and stages. Highlights include: Panels with industry experts and keynote speakers covering technology trends, startup investing and what’s in store for 2015 and beyond Presentations by the cutting edge technologies that make up the OurCrowd portfolio, including ReWalk Robotics, OurCrowd’s first IPO on NASDAQ Offsite tours to...

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OurCrowd’s portfolio company BillGuard featured on PandoDaily

OurCrowd portfolio company BillGuard was featured in PandoDaily, a web publication that offers technology news, analysis, and commentary. BillGuard identifies fraud and “grey” charges, which cost consumers over $25B annually, by analyzing crowdsourcing transaction data from its millions-strong user base.  Less than a week ago I was singing the praises of Billguard as a crucial line of defense for consumers concerned with payment fraud in today’s climate of prolific corporate hacking. Right on cue today I received an email from the company backing up that very assertion. So if you aren’t sufficiently scared straight from ever trusting a merchant with your credit card information again, hopefully you’re at least reminded that being vigilant about your account activity is essential. As Billguard demonstrated today, its toolset and service is among the best options available for this purpose. BillGuard raised $3,896,064 from OurCrowd investors in August 2014. Read more on...

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Pop stars with startups, hi-tech ALS challenge, GetTaxi on Israeli advantage [OurCrowd Newsletter]

It’s never quiet on the Israeli startup scene – and certainly not since two pop stars made their startup debut: Israeli rock star Yoni Bloch and American Black Eyed Peas frontman Two OurCrowd companies made Globes’ list of top 10 leading Israeli startups of 2014 – along with GetTaxi, whose CEO has much to say on the Israeli innovation advantage. Read on… and subscribe if you’d like to get these updates directly to your inbox! Among the top 10 Israeli startups of 2014: Two OurCrowd companies Consumer Physics and enVerid – two of OurCrowd’s portfolio companies – have snagged two of the top ten Israeli startup awards in the Globes-Journey competition, placing 5th and 8th on the list. The ranking is done by leading investors, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists, with the aim of discovering promising companies that will be very prominent in Israeli high-tech in the coming years. Find out who else won. GetTaxi CEO Shahar Waiser: “Being Israeli gives us an advantage” In an interview with Israel’s leading business daily, Globes, GetTaxi founder and CEO Shahar Waiser...

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OurCrowd’s portfolio company Consumer Physics featured on Reuters TV

OurCrowd’s portfolio company Consumer Physics, developer of  the world’s first affordable molecular sensor – the SCiO –  that fits in the palm of your hand, has been featured on Reuters TV. It just might become your ‘sixth sense’. An Israeli company has developed a mobile sensor that can scan and analyse objects on a molecular level. Its developers say the device will pave the way to a more intelligent consumer experience. Sharon Reich reports. Seeded by OurCrowd and top tier Silicon Valley VC Khosla Ventures, Consumer Physics raised $3,300,000 from OurCrowd investors in its 2nd round of funding in May 2014. View the video below or play it on Reuters...

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