While there’s been plenty of talk about the potential pitfalls social media presents for job applicants – best distilled in the advice, “no bong pics” – social media has also proved a boon for job seekers, and not just in terms of forging professional connections on LinkedIn. In fact, social media can take a lot of the tedious work out of applying for jobs, allowing jobseekers to apply for more positions with less effort.

On that note, last year 3.3 million job applications were completed using social media profiles to pre-populate online submission forms, according to data from iCIMS, a software-as-service provider focused on talent acquisition, which surveyed data from over 3,200 customers with Hanover Research. Jobseekers used social media profiles including LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook to complete job applications using pre-population functions. Breaking the figures down, 61% used LinkedIn to pre-populate forms, while 22% used Google+ and 17% used Facebook.

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