World’s Largest Equity Crowdfunding Conference Under Way

2017 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit, Feb. 16, 2017

* Milestones include:
*Over 17,000 accredited investors on the platform
*$400M invested to date in platform, 110 companies and five funds
*Over 1000 connections made for portfolio companies through unique “crowdbuilding platform”
*Largest funding momentum coming from Asia/Pacific region
*Pioneering investments in new areas including Machine Learning, Robotics, Agtech, SportsTech, Digital Health and Space
*13 exits, and 34 companies with up-rounds post investment

Jerusalem, February 15, 2017: OurCrowd, the leading global equity crowdfunding platform, today announced that 6,000 guests from 82 countries registered for the OurCrowd Global Investor Summit. The event takes place all day Thursday, February 16th, 2017, at the International Convention Center (ICC), Binyenei HaUmah.

The theme of the Summit is “The Future is Here” and includes over 60 booths demonstrating a variety of frontier technologies already changing the world, including industrial drones, companion care robots, miniature spectrometers to “google” everything, tracking devices with centimeter accuracy, phone based glucose monitors, and much more.

Over 200 multinational corporations are expected, several of which are paired with startup partners to reveal the secrets behind successful collaborative innovation. These partnerships span diverse areas including Machine Learning for preventing prescription errors, anti-collision systems for rental cars, 3D video for live replay at sporting events, and vocal control immune to noisy environments. Laly David, Head of OurCrowd’s Business Development, pointed out, “The OurCrowd Summit is a perfect venue for our multinational partners to meet with startups in the global innovation ecosystem and to interact with a large number of entrepreneurs and new technologies in a productive and focused environment.”

The Summit highlights OurCrowd’s new crowdfunded venture funds, which provide unprecedented access for large numbers of investors to diversified venture fund vehicles that have traditionally been limited to just large institutional investors. These funds include, OurCrowd First, for early stage seed investing; OC50 Portfolio Index Fund, a selection of some of the best startups in a single vehicle and OurCrowd Qure, Israel’s first digital health fund. OurCrowd Qure’s General Partner, Dr. Yossi Bahagon, said, “The Summit provides a unique opportunity to sit down with investors and partners from all around the world. In essence, Jerusalem becomes the center of Global Innovation for this very important day.”

The Summit enables audience participation in the critical new direction of “crowdbuilding,” whereby the tens of thousands of members of “OurNetwork” can actively take part in helping startup companies grow. Participants can unlock a wealth of investment opportunities on the OurCrowd App, where they can help companies find new employees, make critical business connections, and promote their favorite companies on social networks. In a single day at the Summit, OurCrowd intends to more than double the 1000 company connections and tasks already completed on OurNetwork.

A special welcome is being given to hundreds of guests from the Asia-Pacific region that represents the fastest growing segment of OurCrowd’s investor network. Large groups from Singapore and Australia, where OurCrowd has active offices, will join investors from India, Japan, Korea and more, providing a truly global perspective on the startup scene. Geoff Levy, the Australian representative on OurCrowd’s Advisory Board stated, “While it’s indeed a long ‘schlep’ from summer in Sydney to winter in Jerusalem, the warm welcome and positively buzzing environment at the Summit make it all worthwhile.  We can’t wait to see old friends and make new ones.”


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About OurCrowd

OurCrowd is the leading global equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors. Managed by a team of seasoned investment professionals and led by serial entrepreneur Jon Medved, OurCrowd vets and selects opportunities, invests its own capital, and brings companies to its accredited membership of global investors. OurCrowd provides post-investment support to its portfolio companies, assigns industry experts as mentors, and takes board seats. The OurCrowd community of almost 17,000 investors from over 110 countries has invested over $400M into 110 portfolio companies and funds. OurCrowd already has thirteen exits to date. To join OurCrowd as an accredited investor visit and click “Join”.

About the 2017 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit: The OurCrowd Global Investor Summit is the largest equity crowdfunding event in the world, and the biggest investor event in the Startup Nation. Now in its third year, the Summit has hosted thousands of investors, venture and corporate partners, entrepreneurs, global delegations, industry leaders and members of the press. Attendees hailing from more than 80 countries gather in Jerusalem, the capital of the Startup Nation, to celebrate the global community’s collective drive for innovation. Each year, attendees come from all over the world to hear from expert industry speakers and participate in interactive programming featuring cutting-edge technologies and the future of crowd investing. They also have the opportunity to support portfolio companies through significant fundraising and making strategic business connections to help grow their businesses.  To attend 2017 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit visit 

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