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JUMP (Formerly Social Bicycles)

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JUMP (Formerly Social Bicycles) [View Hierarchy]
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39 WOOSTER ST, FL 3 New York, New York 10013, United States
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JUMP Bikes
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JUMP Bikes
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Fully integrated smart bike-sharing platform
Application Software; Hardware; Infrastructure; Social Media; Social Software; Software; Transportation
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United States
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North America
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Preferred A-1
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Consumer Software
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Main Operational Countries
  Other Investors
Menlo Ventures, SOS Ventures, Greenport Ventures
  Billing Address
New York, New York 10013
United States
Warrants/CLA Note
The fair value of the above reflects a Total gross return to OurCrowd of approximately $22M. This return represents the latest estimates resulting from the sale of the company to Uber. Please note, final results will be subject to adjustments associated with the transaction and may be different than the fair value reflected above.
The Seed-1 and Preferred A-2 warrants will be automatically exercised in a cashless transaction as part of the acquisition. No action is required from investors in these rounds.
In 2017, Social Bicycles launched JUMP, the first ever dockless electric-assist bikeshare program in the US. In early 2018, JUMP entered into partnership with Uber, the world leading ridesharing and transportation network. Uber and JUMP launched Uber Bike, enabling Uber customers to reserve JUMP bikes through the Uber app. JUMP has stationed fleets in San Francisco and Washington, D.C., with 2018 expansion planned for Sacramento-Davis, Santa Cruz, Providence, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Although the JUMP e-bike system is new, JUMP bikes has been shaping the future of bikeshare since 2010. The company brought freedom to bikeshare systems with Social Bicycles, revolutionary smart-bikes with integrated GPS, payment systems, and locks that kicked off the dockless revolution. The company has deployed 15,000 bikes into 40 different markets and six countries, and recorded over five million rides over the past four years.
Founder and CEO Ryan Rzepecki Ryan has a BS in Marketing from Penn State University and a Masters in Urban Planning from Hunter College. He previously worked for the NYC Department of Transportation as a bike planner before founding Social Bicycles in 2010. His passion is to advance multi-modal transportation systems by providing the ultimate first/last mile solution.
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Mark Finkel
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Chezi Burak, 03/06/2018 01:00
Created By
Dave Lawrence, 13/11/2014 10:08
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ActionNameClose DateRecord TypeRoundSecurity TypeAmount to RaisePost-Money Valuation
Edit | DelSocial Bicycles Round 5 Tranche 122/03/2018Default5Preferred A-1$1$32,000,000
Edit | DelSocial Bicycles Round 4 Tranche 131/10/2017Default4Preferred A-1$2,072,000$32,000,000
Edit | DelSocial Bicycles Round 3 Tranche 105/09/2017Default3Preferred A-2$600,000$32,000,000
Edit | DelSocial Bicycles Round 2 Tranche 130/10/2015Default2Preferred Seed-1$109,843$14,210,000
Edit | DelSocial Bicycles Round 1 Tranche 108/01/2015Default1Preferred Seed$1,038,647$13,310,926
ActionContact NameTitleEmailPhone
Edit | DelMark FinkelBoard of Directorsmark@emergingrowth.com201-572-5411
Edit | DelRyan RzepeckiCEOryan@socialbicycles.com1-646-283-6548

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ActionTypeTitleRelated ToLast ModifiedCreated By
Edit | View | DelAttachmentimage003.pngEmail: RE: Last Investment Docs22/03/2018 17:26Gabi Katz
Edit | View | DelAttachmentimage016.jpgEmail: RE: Last Investment Docs22/03/2018 17:26Gabi Katz
Edit | View | DelAttachmentimage017.pngEmail: RE: Last Investment Docs22/03/2018 17:26Gabi Katz
Edit | View | DelAttachmentimage018.pngEmail: RE: Last Investment Docs22/03/2018 17:26Gabi Katz
Edit | View | DelAttachmentimage019.pngEmail: RE: Last Investment Docs22/03/2018 17:26Gabi Katz

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ActionSubjectNameRelated ToTaskDue DateAssigned ToLast Modified Date/Time
 Email: Your OurCrowd investment in JUMP IVMark FinkelI-74333Checked25/03/2018Miri Mann25/03/2018 14:08
Edit | DelEmail: RE: Last Investment DocsMark Finkel Checked22/03/2018Gabi Katz22/03/2018 17:26
 Email: Next steps for completing your investment in JUMP IVMark FinkelC-148004Checked22/03/2018Gabi Katz22/03/2018 17:24
Edit | DelEmail: Re: Finkel fundingMark Finkel Checked22/03/2018Noah Pickholtz22/03/2018 17:10
Edit | DelEmail: RE: OurCrowd / JUMPDaniel Gross Checked21/03/2018Noah Pickholtz21/03/2018 17:54

Account History

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15/02/2018 16:44Daniel GoldbergChanged Account Name from Social Bicycles to JUMP (Formerly Social Bicycles).
20/11/2017 18:17Daniel GoldbergChanged Other Investors from Menlo, SOS Ventures, Greenport Ventures to Menlo Ventures, SOS Ventures, Greenport Ventures.
19/11/2017 10:47Jimmy KleimanChanged Other Investors from Menlo, SOS Ventures to Menlo, SOS Ventures, Greenport Ventures.
16/11/2017 14:07Jimmy KleimanChanged Other Investors from SOS Ventures to Menlo, SOS Ventures.
22/08/2017 09:56Michal KadoshChanged Stage to Early.

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