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[ZCast in VentureBeat] ZCast wants to be the defacto mobile podcasting app for creators and consumers

Fledgling podcasting platform ZCast has unveiled a notable update this week, as the Israeli startup looks to cement its position in the competitive audio-broadcasting realm. Founded initially as a mobile collaboration tool called Zula in 2012, ZCast is the result of a pivot back in February this year that effectively gave birth to a whole new company with a fresh team and new founders. The company has also secured around $300,000 in private investment, though the previous incarnation had nabbed around $4 million from the likes of Microsoft Ventures, among others. Read more on...

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OurCrowd’s portfolio company Zula featured in The Next Web

OurCrowd’s portfolio company Zula was featured in The Next Web, a leading technology news website. The company has created ZCast, a social podcasting platform for producing high-quality, multi-member podcasts from an iPhone. I thought Opinion was the easiest possible way to create a podcast, but it turns out I was wrong. ZCast is an app out today for iOS and the Web that makes live, interactive podcasting a cinch. Tightly integrated with Twitter, you sign in, tap a button, give your podcast a title and away you go. Adding other people to a conversation is as simple as entering their Twitter handle and sending an invite. If they have the app, they’ll get a push notification or otherwise you’ll send them an automated tweet inviting them to download it and get involved. Zula raised $385,000 from OurCrowd investors in May 2013 and $407,022 in a follow-on funding round in June 2014. Read more on The Next Web...

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OurCrowd’s portfolio company Zula featured on Fox Business

OurCrowd’s portfolio company Zula, a startup that aims to revolutionize team communication for an increasingly mobile world, was featured on Fox Business, a leading American business news television channel. In the interview, Zula’s Founder and Chairman Jeff Pulver discusses T-Mobile’s music concept, Amazon’s new phone and his new venture. Zula raised $385,000 from OurCrowd investors in May 2013 and $407,022 in a follow-on funding round in June 2014. View the video on Fox Business here. Watch the latest video at...

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OurCrowd’s Portfolio Company Zula featured in TechCrunch

Leading technology website, TechCrunch, featured OurCrowd portfolio company Zula. The company aims to revolutionize team communication for an increasingly mobile world. Israeli startup Zula, the team communication app founded by VoIP pioneers Jeff Pulver(Vonage) and Jacob Ner-David (Delta Three), has closed a $3 million series A round. The round was led by Morton Meyerson of 2M, who is joined by Ourcrowd, Microsoft Ventures, Nathan Low, and Doug Pauly. Describing itself these days as a cross-platform team communication app, Zula was first unveiled to the world in July of last year, and then went on to appear in the TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield in San Francisco that September as the audience choice.   Zula raised $350,000 from OurCrowd investors in May 2013 and $560,000 in a follow-on funding round in 2014. Read more on...

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What we’re investing in: Current investment opportunities on OurCrowd (May 2014)

Welcome to another edition of “What We’re Investing In.” OurCrowd provides curated, exciting investment opportunities to a global network of angel investors looking to get involved in startup companies. To date, OurCrowd and our investors have invested over $43 million in 36 portfolio companies. Here is an inside look at we are investing in right now. MedAware: Eliminating Prescription Errors Medaware is an algorithmic-based software that addresses a global multi million-dollar problem. Drug prescription errors are unfortunately a common occurrence that currently costs the average hospital around $5.6 million annually. In addition to the monetary damage are the obvious life threatening implications of these errors. An estimated 1.5 million Americans are affected each year by prescription errors, resulting in thousands of preventable fatalities. Medaware leverages big data, machine learning and millions of electronic medical records, to address this problem and prevent these costly mistakes. Credit card companies have used similar methods to effectively detect and prevent fraud. Medaware’s CEO Gidi Stein, is joined by a world-class management team with expertise in algorithmic development, bio-informatics and machine learning. Zula: Business...

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