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Burning up the wires: Media coverage of OurCrowd’s $25M funding round

Last week, OurCrowd announced the closing of $25 million series B funding round. The announcement generated a lot of buzz and news coverage across various media outlets. We wanted to share some of the results and compiled several of the top news stories for you. Check out our media coverage highlights below: Wall Street Journal OurCrowd Aims to Widen Pool of Angel Investors to Main Street “Even if it seems like everyone is an angel investor to those based in Silicon Valley or other pockets of the U.S., most wealthy people aren’t thinking about this asset class… Having just raised $25 million in a Series B round, OurCrowd is hoping to help more investors find their way to this market.” VentureBeat OurCrowd’s huge $25M round shows investors are hot on equity crowdfunding “OurCrowd has quickly become a major force in equity crowdfunding… Now the startup wants to ramp up that growth in Israel and abroad: OurCrowd today announced it has raised $25 million in new funding.” Reuters Israel’s OurCrowd raises $25 mln in private funding round “Since launching in February 2013, OurCrowd has...

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OurCrowd op-ed in WSJ: “An SEC Rule Change Opens a New Era for Crowdfunding”

The Wall Street Journal published an op-ed today written by OurCrowd CEO, Jon Medved. In the editorial, Jon talks about how recent U.S. regulatory changes to equity crowdfunding will open up new opportunities for investors and how these changes have positioned OurCrowd as a leader in its space. Startups and businesses have taken notice. They have begun to use similar online crowdfunding platforms—but to gather investments. And thanks in part to the SEC’s new rule, the equity crowdfunding market is poised for rapid growth over the next decade.   A new class of angel investors, affluent individuals who invest personal funds in companies, is another byproduct of the burgeoning crowdfunding movement. These angel investors are no longer just former startup founders. They’re a younger, broader class of Internet-savvy investors ready to evaluate and pick deals online. Read the full Wall Street Journal article here. A version of this article appeared October 10, 2013, on page A17 in the U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal, with the headline: An SEC Rule Change Opens a New Era for Crowdfunding.   Making...

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Feed your Curiyo-sity: A Valuable Tool for Web Browsing

Have you ever read an article online and come across a name of something or someone that seems important to the story but don’t know who it is or what it means? Have you then opened up multiple browsers and clicked back and forth through them in search of the answer? Frustrating, isn’t it? Well, your web browsing experience is about to get better. Israeli startup and OurCrowd portfolio company, Curiyo puts all the information and data you need at your fingertips with just one long click. Curiyo, Answers.com founder Bob Rosenschein’s newest venture, is software for your web browser that lets you look up names, places and other terms in a pop-up window without leaving the page you’re reading. Walt Mossberg, leading technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal, outlines the Curiyo magic in a review today of the product and found it to be a valuable and easy-to-use addition to Web browsing. After testing a pre-release version of the product, Mossberg reported that Curiyo “worked well and I can recommend it, especially for readers like me, who tend to get interrupted by unfamiliar references and...

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