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In the News: FDA clearance, Fox News, and the UN Assembly votes with Israel on AgTech

We are incredibly proud of Sight Diagnostics for receiving FDA clearance for its OLO blood analyzer; OLO leverages AI with a revolutionary method to “digitize” blood, allowing patients to receive blood test results within minutes at the point-of-care, and with just a finger-prick. OurCrowd has been very excited about Sight Diagnostics from early on, and we are looking forward to celebrating continued innovation and success together. Over the weekend on Fox Business News, Stifel CEO Ron Kruszewski explained why the investment banking firm partnered with OurCrowd. Watch here. In other news, 147 nations in the UN General Assembly voted in favor of an Israel initiated resolution to help improve access to agtech capabilities for developing countries. This is another reason why we are so glad to back Israeli agtech companies like Consumer Physics, CropX, Taranis, Tevel, and more. Startup Nation and beyond In a recent Mastercard report, Israel was ranked the 4th best country for women entrepreneurs. We are proud of Charlie Javice of Frank and Dr. Gilly Regev of SaNOtize together with our other great women leaders. Meanwhile,...

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Women 2.0: Breaking the Glass Ceiling in the Startup Nation

Programs throughout the world are being aimed at girls from an early age to drive them to follow their hearts – and minds. These innovative programs consist of a large push for women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and at the same time, female business entrepreneurs in Israel are also taking the stage. Israel is one of the leading nations in the world for tech and startups. It is a modern democratic country where those who work hard can better themselves, regardless of the gender divides that existed years ago. Women hold positions in government and the medical professions, education and clergy; and now, women in business and entrepreneurship are becoming prominent. Israel ranks as number 11 out of 59 developed countries in regards to participation of women in the workplace. It can also be seen that Israeli women are in fairly high executive positions, and are ranked 24th out of the 59 countries accounted for. Struggling with the gender gap Why is this a big deal? To understand this question, one must understand the years of...

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Success Stories of Women in the Startup Nation

OurCrowd launched a new webinar series called ‘Teach-In Tuesdays’. In this series, we’ll explore investing in early-stage Israeli companies, identify and explain influential tech trends, stay up-to-date with the crowdfunding industry, and examine actionable insights from our own experience running OurCrowd’s investment platform. Yesterday, we held a webcast as part of the OurCrowd Teach-In Tuesdays series on the recent progress of women entrepreneurs, why we are seeing more women-led enterprises and what it will take to encourage more women to take the entrepreneurial plunge. Additional topics covered in the webcast: About the advantages of being a woman in the male-dominated Israeli tech scene Personal experiences from the trenches Sage advice from experienced woman entrepreneurs Featured experts: Evelyn Rubin, Business Development Partner at OurCrowd. Evelyn Rubin joined OurCrowd after more than a decade of experience in Israel’s venture capital and technology industries. Previously a Senior Editor at Seeking Alpha, Evelyn was formerly a Senior Associate at JVP, a leading international venture capital fund in Jerusalem.   Ranit Fink, Chief Business Development Officer at Cellrox. Mrs. Fink has 7 years of experience in software development and project management in technology companies. She...

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Teach-in Tuesdays: Join us (online) for 2 educational events during June

Last month we had hundreds of investors from around the world join us for events from our new webinar series called Teach-In Tuesdays. In this series, we explore investing in early-stage Israeli companies, identify and explain influential tech trends, stay up-to-date with the crowdfunding industry, and examine actionable insights from our own experience running OurCrowd’s investment platform. During June, we’re hosting 2 exciting installments of our Teach-In Tuesdays series. Register for them below. Finding the space to invest: SpaceIL and Israel’s place in the new space race Tuesday, June 10th (7:00 PM Israel / 12:00 PM NYC /  9:00 AM San Francisco) Join Zack Miller, Head of the Investor Community at OurCrowd, and Yariv Bash, co-founder of SpaceIL, for a lively discussion about SpaceIL’s audacious vision to make history by landing the first Israeli spacecraft on the moon (on a shoe-string budget). SpaceIL is competing for $20 million as part of a Google competition to encourage entrepreneurial activity in the space sector. Join us to learn: Why donors (including Sheldon Adelson for $16.4 million) are so passionate about contributing to Israel and SpaceIL The amazing story behind the...

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