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DIY ROI: Where to invest in website building technology 2.0

Could it possibly be easier? Click. Drag. Drop. Done. Presto! Congratulations – you’ve just created a website. With a few easy steps, you could be Picasso with pixels, an artist who needs no training to create a stunning website. This is the work of automated website builders, sites that simplify the otherwise coding- and time-intensive (not to mention expensive) process of building a website. They are the IKEA of the internet, clarifying an otherwise prohibitively complex task for the average user in a few steps, all the while staying easy on the eyes. But the site-building process, although simplified, is not by any means totally simple. Here’s the first irony of automatic website builders: it’s exceedingly difficult to find them with a single, or even many, Google searches. There are a few potential reasons for this: that they all excel at Search Engine Optimization (or SEO, for short), by now a standard service for the websites they create; that there are a bunch of charlatans posing as free website builders hoping to dupe the unsuspecting newbie into buying overpriced...

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Wix names Appforma to Top Ten Apps for SME Websites

Appforma got some love from the guys at Wix. In the HuffPost, Wix named Appforma to its list of top 10 apps for SME websites. 7) Appforma Coupons – creates coupons, to help you reward your users, get viral traffic and develop new leads. For businesses that use promotions, this app could prove invaluable. Wix is a great (Israeli, by the way) website builder for small and medium businesses. The list was compiled from Wix data for app downloads/installs. And like recent Google acquisition Wildfire, Appforma provides really easy-to-use social media marketing tools for small and medium businesses. Source: Wix.com reveals the top 10 apps for SME websites (Huffington Post)   photo...

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