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What to wear? Here are 6 fitness wearable technologies to up your game

Surely you’ve heard of Google Glass, Apple’s Smart Watch and of course, the Fitbit; there are lots of fitness wearables and it’s hard to keep up. What was once reserved for only pro athletes and tech bloggers is now available to the exercising masses. As technology goes more mainstream, so do wearables with over 70 million devices sold in 2014 alone. Here are 6 top fitness wearables that aim to up your game and be as vital to your daily existence as your smartphone: 1. Moov Can’t afford a personal trainer? No problem. The $69 Moov wearable may be the answer to your problems. Stay on track with this all-in-one device that acts as a personal fitness coach, whenever, wherever. Its disc-like shape easily attaches to almost anything, and allows for the accompanying apps to record your every move in real-time. Apart from the standard tracking features: calories burned, steps taken, speed, distance, and time, Moov precisely measures your movements, form, cadence, landing impact, stride, and intensity with surprising accuracy. This sleek, crowd-funded device (which by the way, raised over...

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You are what you wear: Wearable Tech from the Startup Nation

“You are what you eat,” goes the age old saying. “You are what you wear,” would be the modern adaption of this well known proverb. From “smart” watches that sync to your phone, to contact lenses that measure diabetics glucose levels, wearable technology is rapidly spreading to all facets of technology. Today, May 12th, 2014 marks Israel’s first wearable technology conference in Tel Aviv. Israeli technology leaders and wearable tech pioneers such as Robert Scoble, Steven Manna and Jonathan Medved will be present for what should be a memorable event. Here is an outline of the recent success and traction experienced in the wearable technology industry that has entrepreneurs and investors alike excited for what should be “the next big thing.” Headlines and Exits Major media outlets announced on Wednesday, March 26th that Facebook had reached a $2 billion agreement to acquire Oculus VR, the maker of a virtual reality headset. The purchase indicated that Facebook intends to enter the arena of competitors trying to give users a live 3-D experience through wearable technology: “Imagine enjoying court side seats at a game, studying...

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