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[WayUp in Fast Company] This job platform designed by a 26-year-old informs managers of their bias

Another entrant to this rapidly burgeoning field is WayUp, a three-year-old marketplace that connects a user base of 1 million students and recent graduates with potential employers. But WayUp is taking the opposite approach by focusing on transparency. The way its 26-year-old CEO, Liz Wessel, sees it, employers can use WayUp to work towards achieving their diversity goals with the use of dashboard analytics that visualize trends and inconsistencies. Highlighting the demographics and diversity of the applicant pool is then made possible through every step of the interview process. Read more on Fast Company...

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[WayUp in Business Insider] A former Googler who is now CEO of her own startup asks all her employees to cold email their idol — here’s why

Liz Wessel says she has always been the type of person who has no shame in reaching out to someone, whether or not she knows the person. Wessel is the CEO and cofounder of WayUp, a site used by hundreds of thousands of college students to find jobs at places like Microsoft, Uber, The New York Times, Disney, and Google — where Wessel previously worked. Read more on Business...

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[WayUp in Business Insider] How a 20-year-old NYU student paid his $48,000 tuition bill in a year

New York University is notoriously expensive. Its tuition and fees are among the highest in the US, at about $48,000 a year. On top of that, the cost of living in New York City makes room and board pretty pricey: $17,580. After factoring in books, transportation, and personal expenses, students can expect to pay $70,974 a year, the university predicts. That could be a recipe for a student-loan horror story. But not for one NYU sophomore: Long Island native Eric Hu is paying his tuition bill as he goes. Read more on Business...

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[WayUp in TechCrunch] WayUp Launches An iPhone App To Let Students Apply For Jobs On The Go

It’s obvious that college students love their phones. Which is why WayUp, formerly Campus Jobs, has today unveiled an iPhone app, giving students the opportunity to apply for jobs directly from their smartphone. WayUp originally launched as CampusJob, offering a marketplace where employers could post job listings and students could load up profiles and hunt for jobs during the semester or summer. Read more on...

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