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[WayUp in TechCrunch] WayUp gets $18.5 million more to help college grads find jobs

Originally an internship and job board for college students, WayUp now additionally targets the entry level workforce, a market that they believe is underrepresented. LinkedIn’s job search platform and sites like Indeed are geared towards every career stage. “LinkedIn is built for a much older generation,” according to Liz Wessel, WayUp’s co-founder and CEO. She feels that WayUp makes it easier to search and apply for jobs via their smartphone and touted the site’s efforts to reach job seekers via text message. Read more on TechCrunch...

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[WayUp in VentureBeat] WayUp raises $18.5 million to help millennials find their dream jobs

Millennials will typically change jobs multiple times as they seek the perfect fit. WayUp wants to help them pursue their workplace dreams with its job marketplace and announced today that it has secured an additional $18.5 million in funding to do so. “On average, millennials are expected to jump jobs four times in their first decade out of college,” wrote WayUp cofounder and CEO Liz Wessel, in an email to VentureBeat. “However, we believe WayUp’s technology will change that.” The startup uses machine learning to refine searches and execute better matches between students in U.S. colleges and hiring companies. Read more on VentureBeat...

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[WayUp in Fortune] This startup wants to be the Netflix for jobs

Recruiting startup WayUp hopes to convince job searchers that it doesn’t have to be such “a miserable process,” says co-founder and CEO Liz Wessel. WayUp offers a “smart” platform that uses data to match seekers with potential employers. Wessel says that the site collects about 40 data points per applicant and, armed with that information, is able to suggest “the right jobs to the right people” better than job sites like Indeed and Monster, or professional social network LinkedIn. Read more on Fortune...

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