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[Virgin Hyperloop One in Bloomberg] The Hyperloop May Change More Than Just Travel

Elon Musk coined the term Hyperloop back in 2013 when he released his vision for a fifth mode of transport. Since then, engineers around the world have been working to make his idea a reality sooner than you might think. Virgin Hyperloop has successfully tested the technology with human passengers and in Europe Hardt Hyperloop is working on the technology and international coalition building needed to create entire Hyperloop networks. On this episode of Accelerate, we’ll look at how one Hyperloop track could take passengers from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a half hour, and how Hyperloop networks could redefine the economies of entire continents. Read more...

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[Virgin Hyperloop One in WHBL] Virgin Hyperloop shows off the future: mass transport in floating magnetic pods

(Reuters) – In the desert just north of Las Vegas, a long white metal tube sits at the base of the mountains, promising to one day revolutionize travel. That is where Virgin Hyperloop, whose partners include Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, is developing the technology for passenger pods that will hurtle at speeds of up to 750 miles an hour (1,200 kph) through almost air-free vacuum tunnels using magnetic levitation. Read more...

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