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[Upper90 in AXIOS] Expert Voices: Upper90’s Billy Libby

After a brief hiatus, Expert Voices is back! Today’s chat is with Billy Libby, co-founder and CEO of Upper90, a hybrid credit firm. Why he matters: Upper90 manages and has syndicated over $2.2 billion across 43 portfolio companies and in August raised $180 million for its third fund. Read more...

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[Upper90 in TechCrunch] Upper90’s strategy of cutting checks with credit and equity may be more relevant than ever

When Billy Libby and Seamless co-founder Jason Finger launched Upper90 in 2018, they wanted to solve a problem: founders giving up too much equity too early because they needed money to build capital-intensive businesses. They thought if they wrote checks that combined debt and equity, founders could get the capital they needed while keeping more of their equity. Read more...

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