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In the News: What’s our role in helping the SEC?

Can you imagine playing a role in helping the Security Exchange Commission? Actually, we do have a role to play. SEC Chairman Jay Clayton has proposed allowing more people to invest in early-stage companies – which would herald a long-overdue democratization of the market. Simplifying, harmonizing and improving the exempt offering framework, as the SEC proposed in March, will promote capital formation in unlisted companies while preserving and even enhancing important investor protections. Together, these steps will unleash huge untapped reserves, enabling tomorrow’s technologies to grow faster, for the benefit of all. Read more from my latest article in Investors on the Frontlines, and subscribe for upcoming editions. Will the Startup Nation bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic? I was happy to be among other voices across the Israeli VC landscape giving our perspectives in the recent issue of Newsweek.   Top Tech News With a 139% rise on its first day of trading, our inspiring portfolio company Lemonade became 2020’s best IPO debut after the mobile-based insurance startup’s stock soared from its offer price on the New York...

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In the News: Here’s what we’re watching and reading this week

Did you watch it live? Last week’s OurCrowd Pandemic Innovation Conference brought together thousands of top investors, entrepreneurs, VCs, corporate executives, and government officials from over 90 countries to hear from experts and discuss how pandemic innovation will guide us to a better future. Watch what you missed from industry leaders presenting healthcare and investment insights, as well as recorded breakouts with startup CEOs and topic experts. What comes next? At the conference we discussed the top 10 tech trends affecting society in light of the pandemic. See our predictions for what the future brings, and read further coverage on the trends in Forbes and ISRAEL21c. Read more about pandemic investment and conference takeaways in NoCamels’ coverage of the event.  On a similar note, I believe that tech startups are battling today’s biggest global challenges – and behind many of the world’s leading companies are their investors, supporting their leadership and innovation on the frontlines. Subscribe here to my new LinkedIn newsletter, “Investors on the Frontlines”, and catch up on the first article: Investing in the New Normal. Top...

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6 IoT Trends to Watch in 2019

Previously the domain of fairytales and fantasies, the magic of the Internet of Things (IoT) lies in its unprecedented ability to bring the internet and its intelligence to the devices we use every day. While these devices will be talking to the internet, they’ll also be talking to you. They will give you insights about machines in your business and electronics in your home that will revolutionize the way the world operates for generations to come. Think about your own house, where IoT brings previously inanimate household objects to life. while you are driving home from work, your car can communicate with your thermostat, your smart fridge and your smart lights. The thermostat will start pumping heat, the fridge will alert if you are low on milk and the lights will turn on to welcome you back. Connected devices in an industrial environment will enable equipment pieces along an entire production line to communicate with each other, in real time, from the refining process to the packaging of products. Think small sensors on each machine in a factory that...

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Roll Call: The big news from our friends, portfolio at #CES2017

Hello from CES 2017! OurCrowd is on the ground in Las Vegas at the world’s most innovative, inspiring and fun global consumer electronics and tech tradeshow. This year’s show has been amazing, especially since we’ve been hanging with friends and portfolio companies with what seems like round-the-clock major announcements since last Thursday. Take a look at our portfolio’s big news to come out of CES in the last few days: VocalZoom pairs with Honda VocalZoom joins Honda at CES to demonstrate optical sensor that delivers safer automotive voice control Honda partners with VocalZoom to advance speech-recognition technology [SAE International] Watch here as Honda announces the partnership: Consumer Physics integrated into smartphone Changhong’s H2 smartphone lets you scan objects for molecular authenticity [Venture Beat] This phone has a built-in tricorder. Really. [Mashable] Now meet the phone with SCiO built in, up close: Celeno partners with Airgain and NGCodec Celeno, a leader in next-gen WiFi semiconductors, announces partnerships with Airgain on Smart Antennas [CED Magazine] …as well as with NGCodec for Wireless Virtual Reality [App Developer Magazine] Argus Cyber Security working with Qualcomm and Elektrobit Argus Cyber...

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Download the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Technology Review, Q2 2016

Can you name the largest asset class in the United States, an enormous market worth about $40 trillion? You’re correct if you guessed real estate. The industry can be broken down into two major areas: $23 trillion for residential housing, and $15 trillion for commercial real estate (CRE) accounts. While most people may not instinctively see any relationship between real estate and startups, the connection is… real. In the past few months, real estate technology startups have experienced tremendous growth. With millions of dollars in VC fundraising in Q2 2016, real estate tech, which spans from analytics and risk-analysis to leasing and property management software, has become a sector ripe for growth and disruption. On the heels of this growth, we are excited to release our industry review of CRE technology in Q2 2016! Download this free review to learn about: Industry trends Funding levels Top exits Emerging categories The democratization of CRE Industry activity and more… Download the free Q2 2016 Commercial Real Estate Technology Review here. To find out more about CRE and investment opportunities on our platform, contact our Investor Relations team or visit...

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