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Uber, NASA, and Virgin are leading the rise of the MaaS Market

We are all familiar with sitting in standstill traffic, with a now-room temperature coffee and your favorite podcast to take your mind off the knowledge that you, and thousands around you, have no choice but to wait. It’s not just you. The U.N. reports that 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, and will grow to 68% by 2050 with another 2.5 billion people added to urban areas by 2050. With this influx comes the serious question of congestion. Luckily, major players like Uber and Virgin are betting on a new market to change the game– MaaS or Mobility as a Service. The MaaS market is defined as transportation services permitting a means of transport outside of personally-owned vehicles. As we well know, Uber built a ride-sharing service empire which is now worth $72B, which according to some forecasters single-handedly led to a decrease in car ownership among young adults. The tech unicorn’s recent purchase of Jump Bikes (an electric bike sharing platform and OurCrowd portfolio company) for a reported price of ~$200M, shows their commitment to...

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How virtual reality is implemented in medicine, and more [OurCrowd Newsletter]

Virtual reality is implemented in medicine and Summit 2018 registration opens up! Read up on these news items and more below. Start getting this weekly newsletter via email: Subscribe now WSJ: Virtual reality being used in industries from construction to medicine to train for risky jobs The use of virtual reality is spreading especially quickly through medicine. VR 3-D modeling of the brain developed by OurCrowd portfolio company, Surgical Theater, is already being used for planning and practicing neurosurgeries in hospitals at New York University, University Hospitals in Cleveland and Mount Sinai among others. Read more. OurCrowd & Portfolio Companies in the News Freightos featured in Air Cargo News mPrest featured in Computer World BriefCam featured in American Security Today   Mobileye posts 66% jump in Q1 revenue Revenue went from $75.2 million in the first quarter of 2016 to $124.7 million in the first quarter of this year. Read more. Save the Date: OurCrowd Global Investor Summit 2018 This year’s Summit will take place on Thursday, February 1st, 2018. Super-early registration just opened so save your spot. Register now. NAB private banking in alliance with Israel’s...

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[Hyperloop One in Inverse] Hyperloop One is coming to Europe with these 10 proposed routes

Hyperloop One, the only company in the world with a full-size hyperloop test track, is coming to Europe. On Tuesday, the company announced that it will continue its global tour with a stop in Amsterdam on June 6, a chance to detail a number of routes for the continent. Elon Musk released his idea for a vacuum-sealed train system back in 2013, with theoretical top speeds of 700 miles per hour, but so far no publicly accessible hyperloop tracks exist. Hyperloop One is confident it will be the first to bring the system to life: it’s spent the past year working on the DevLoop test track in the Nevada desert, and it hopes to hold its first public demonstration (which it refers to as its “Kitty Hawk moment”) in the next month or so. Read more on Inverse...

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Israeli-founded Gett acquires New York-rival Juno & more [OurCrowd Newsletter]

Heat’s on across the rideshare/mobility scene: Israeli-founded Gett acquires its New York-rival  Juno; and how did 3 startups get a VC to say yes? Read up on these news items and more below. Start getting this weekly newsletter via email: Subscribe now On-demand ride service Gett confirms acquisition of Juno for $200M The competitive landscape for transportation apps has become a little smaller today. Gett has announced that it has acquired Juno, a rival in the New York market. Read more. OurCrowd & Portfolio Companies in the News Mpirica featured in Crowdfund Insider Zebra featured in Nvidia Consumer Physics featured in Entrepreneur   How 3 startups got a VC to say yes Elan Zivotofsky is not your typical investor. Rather than just choose where his own firm’s money goes, he makes decisions that also influence thousands of smaller investors. Read more. Israeli startup raising dips in Q1 2017 “We expect the Mobileye deal – which shifted paradigms regarding valuations of Israeli companies – to have future impact on the industry in terms of growth in capital raising volumes.” Read more. Israeli urban tech-integrator brings smart city management to East...

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