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2013: The Startup Nation’s year in review

From the billion dollar acquisition of Waze to a plethora of IPOs in the industries of agriculture, science, technology, and social media, Israeli startups have been turning heads and smashing records after a very successful year in 2013. Global presence According to Cornell University’s 2013 Global Innovation Index Rankings, Israel ranked 14th of 142 countries in innovation, in addition to earning the number two spot among startup ecosystems worldwide, second only to California’s Silicon Valley. Startups developed in Israel seem to be instant sensations on various global markets. Despite Israel’s meager population of just over 8 million, the less-than sizeable nation-state has more companies listed on the NASDAQ’s exchange than any country after the United States and China . 2013 has been a year of momentous growth in the Israeli startup world — the third quarter of 2013 alone attracted $660 million investor dollars raised by 162 companies, the largest single-quarter performance in well over a decade. High tech success 2013 was a prodigious year for high-tech startups in Israel. While Waze took the cake with its billion-dollar acquisition, other...

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Driving Innovation: Top 10 Israeli ingenuities revolutionizing the way we travel

A recent article revealed the US cities with the worst commutes. According to the report, the average commuter in D.C. spent 67 hours stuck in traffic in 2012! Sadely, no matter how many times you travel the same route to the same destination, the experience is extremely stressful and frustrating. Israel, known for being the forefront of cutting-edge technologies in numerous fields, has also become a hub of innovative transportation solutions. No Camels, a news website on Israeli innovation, put together a list of amazing Israeli solutions that will help commuters worldwide get from point A to point B with more ease. Top 10 Tel Aviv Apps, Startups and Alternative Vehicles That Will Make Traveling So Much Easier! 1. MUVe: A cool way to get around MUVe is an all-electric scooter that can easily be transformed into a trolley suitecase in seconds, using a unique patent pending folding system. You can carry it anywhere, making it optimal for urban transport. The company’s mission is to offer commuters the ability to travel freely and safely in any urban environment without having to worry about finding a parking spot, gas prices, or traffic. The MUVe weighs 12-15kg, can go...

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May the best app win: Geektime ranks the 30 most popular Israeli mobile apps

Geektime, the largest tech blog in Israel, has set out to sift through the hundreds of Israeli mobile apps flooding the market right now in an attempt to find the top applications. Geektime will measure the app’s popularity according to characteristics, opinions, reviews in app stores and other additional criteria. The rating will be updated on a monthly basis and new additions, along with rank changes, will be tracked accordingly. There are many websites, blogs and articles dedicated to app rankings out there, but Geektime’s ranking is unique in that it provides a platform through which we can look at the best apps the Start-up Nation has to offer, the crème de la crème of Israeli innovation. In their article, the Geektime team express what they hope to achieve with the mobile app ranking: To provide order to the chaos we decided to parade some the best Israeli applications out there on the market, both those that are famous, and even a few you might not yet know about – but you should. Until recently Israel hasn’t had a lot of success with consumer apps,...

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OurLinks: What we’ve been reading this past week (February 25, 2013)

We read a heck of a lot of material during a work week. From deal flow to industry research, it’s important for us to stay on top of our game. Here’s a smattering of what crossed our desks (monitors) this past week. Hopefully, you can find a smattering of usefulness in these links. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Tel Aviv: 1 of the 10 cheapest stock markets in the world (Globes): “In 2011, in line with the global trend, the Israeli market fell. But internal and external forces last year resulted in only a partial correction in Israel, while all other markets enjoyed rising prices.” The n0-effort email to convert free users to paying customers (Unbounce): Sometimes it pays to have a senior leader reach out to prospects. Wading into dark pools (Barron’s): NYSE’s dark pool for small investors hasn’t been as disruptive as many feared. The new way we make web headlines now (The Awl): “Our actions are increasingly passive online, and we really are just looking for something to watch, click, share and receive.” How to view the entire free Kindle...

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