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A different path to impact investing: Startups’ role in social responsibility

Aside from an impact investing opportunity (think green, education, ‘the greater good’), you’d be forgiven for not associating startup investing with social responsibility. Actually, there is plenty of room for helping the non-profit world in startup investing. Tmura, the Israeli public service venture fund, is one example – enabling founders to do good while making their exits. Since 2013, every new OurCrowd portfolio company has been required to dedicate a portion of their equity to charity, through Tmura. At exit, Tmura sells its shares, and donates the proceeds to the high-tech company’s preferred charity, focused on educational and youth-related activities. OurCrowd has long made its social responsibility a priority, believing that the startup sector can give back to society. OurCrowd was the first VC to require its Israeli companies to commit equity as part of the deal terms. Seeking investments with OurCrowd is synonymous with adopting a charitable aspect to each startup. This quarter alone, three companies, Scopio Labs, BrainQ and Splacer all joined Tmura. The program is especially appealing because it ties charitable giving to the success of...

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Sharing is Caring: Tmura helps Israel’s high tech sector share the wealth

The Startup Nation is famous for its ingenuity in the high-tech field, yet many people are unaware that Israel is also a hotbed of social innovation. The notion of community service is very characteristic of Israeli culture, one deeply rooted in Judaism. The concept of Tikkun Olam, literally translated from Hebrew as “repairing the world”, connotes social action and the pursuit of social justice. Nonetheless, for many years, Israel’s high-tech industry has been accused of being detached from society and its surrounding environment. It may be unfair to expect of early-stage startups (typically cash-poor with significant expenses) in the beginning of their growth process to think about social responsibility and giving back to the community. With no cash in the bank, how can we expect them to cough up money for charity? This is where Tmura steps in and offers a great solution for these “young” startups that want to give back to the community but can’t quite afford it just yet. Tmura: turning the Startup Nation into a charity nation Tmura – The Israeli Public Service Venture Fund, is a non-profit...

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