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[Tevel in Gizmodo] The apple drone is finally here

Even without an ongoing pandemic disrupting supply chains and making it an even bigger challenge to hire seasonal labor, being a farmer is hard work, especially around harvest time. A company called Tevel Aerobatics Technologies believes it’s come up with a better harvesting solution for fruit farmers with the apple drone: beating that other tech company to the punch. Read...

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[Tevel in Interesting Engineering] Flying Autonomous Robot Uses AI to Identify and Pick Ripe Fruit

Multiple robots can harvest an orchard thanks to a single autonomous digital brain in a ground-based unit. Fruit picking is a physically laborious task that can require a lot of standing, crouching, and climbing for up to eight hours a day. While it may have its up moments, it is generally a low-paid, seasonal, and repetitive work that has few likelihoods for advancement, and as younger generations migrate to urban areas, the pickers are aging and a global shortage of seasonal fruit pickers is worsening. Read...

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