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[Celeno in Markets Insider] Celeno’s Wi-Fi Technology Chosen to Power Loewe’s Home-Entertainment Devices to Enable Superior User Experience

Celeno Communications, the leading provider of smart, managed Wi-Fi solutions, today announced that its CL2400 chip family and software technology will power the next generation of Loewe products. Loewe Technologies GmbH, Germany’s premium consumer electronics manufacturer, chose Celeno’s Wi-Fi solutions as they exceed user expectations in providing a seamless wireless smart home-entertainment experience. The partnership will enable Loewe to provide an uninterrupted, high-definition audio and visual experience for users, delivering Gigabit speeds, even in crowded multi-user, multi-device environments. Read more on Markets Insider...

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[Celeno in PR Newswire] Samsung Electronics and Celeno collaborate to power new gateways and set-top boxes

Celeno Communications, the leading provider of smart, managed Wi-Fi solutions, today announced that its silicon and software technology will power new home gateways and Set-Top Boxes being developed by Samsung Electronics. Celeno’s 802.11ac Wave 2 CL2440 and CL2442 chipsets will power their DOCSIS 3.1 Gateway product line. In addition, Celeno’s CL2430 silicon will power their 4K set-top box as a client solution for seamless Wi-Fi video. Read more on PR Newswire...

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[NSLComm in Red Herring] Israel’s space program innovates to beat geopolitical struggles

One firm that OurCrowd has invested in is NSLComm, based near Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport. The company has raised $3 million since its 2009 foundation, which it has used to perfect large expandable antennas that allow over ten times the bandwidth of traditional models. That means antennas can be stowed compactly during launches, which alongside high-tech intelligence cooperation between Israel and the US, helps shield the country’s payloads from foreign intervention. “We have to come with cleaver and creative ideas while focusing on building a real and profitable business,” says NSLComm co-founder and CTO Danny Spirtus. Read more on Red Herring...

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[Celeno in Yahoo Finance] Celeno and Realtek partner to bring 4K wireless set-top box reference design to market

Celeno Communications, the leading provider of smart, managed Wi-Fi solutions, today announced a joint reference design with Realtek for 4K wireless set-top boxes. The solution is enabled by Celeno’s CL2440 4×4 802.11ac wave 2 Wi-Fi chip and Realtek’s RTD1295 SoC for 4K set-top boxes. The joint reference design allows for high performance wireless set-top-boxes with an ultra-small-form-factor chassis enabled by energy efficient Wi-Fi design. The CL2440, an energy efficient PCIe Wi-Fi radio, eliminates the need for additional external memories and boasts a small package size which together drive down solution size and cost. Its unique embedded Smart Antenna Steering (SAS) technology allows for smart antenna arrays to increase diversity and overall Wi-Fi performance for flicker free video. Read more on Yahoo Finance...

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[Celeno in VentureBeat] Celeno Communications raises $38 million for smart Wi-Fi chips

Celeno Communications has raised $38 million in funding to help build smart Wi-Fi chips and software. The Ra’anana, Israel-based company will use the money to grow its range of products based on 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless networking technology, which aims to disrupt traditional Wi-Fi networking. The company’s Quicksilver tech is designed for dense networks with lots of interference. It also does real-time spectrum analysis — to figure out where the interference is –and software-defined Wi-Fi virtualization, using its OtimizAIR technology. And its ControlAIR technology enables gigabit Wi-Fi coverage using “small cell” architecture. That basically means it has figured out how to unclog Wi-Fi networks. Read more on...

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