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Home is where your startup prospers: How Tel Aviv became a hotbed of startup culture and money

What does it take to create a successful startup ecosystem? Furthermore, what does it take to create a the dynamic and innovative culture, community and possibilities of a startup city? Tel Aviv: Startup Utopia Many have written (and will write) about the Startup Nation’s success in general and the success of its high-tech capital Tel Aviv specifically. Why all the hype? Well, besides the fact that Tel Aviv is the second-most entrepreneurial hotspot after Silicon Valley, it also has the highest density of startups in the world — and the number is constantly growing. Even President Obama once said that “if people want to see the future of the world economy, they should look at Tel Aviv.” But how does Tel Aviv, as a city, maintain its status as a hotbed of startup culture and money? And can other cities around the globe replicate its thriving startup environment? Tel Aviv’s Secret Sauce In an article in Inc. Magazine, contributor Jeremy Shure lists several forward-thinking and innovative initiatives taken by the city that have contributed in the cultivation of its vibrant startup ecosystem. The local government is exceptionally proactive in making the city a...

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Entrepreneurs Without Borders: Israel Prepares to Issue Startup Visas

Israel and startups are synonymous — the Start-up Nation ranks perennially near the top of top startup ecosystems on a global scale. And now, to solidify its role in producing and nurturing top entrepreneurs, moves are afoot to begin opening up Israel’s borders to a global tech workforce. [View the story “Startup Visas: Israel’s move to become a global startup hub” on...

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Israel has the #2 startup ecosystem in the World according to new report

Startup Genome just released the Startup Ecosystem Report. The report (which you can download here) contains the first data-driven Ranking of the World’s Top 20 Startup Ecosystems and  a deep dive into the each of the individual Startup Ecosystems Here are the top 20, in order: Silicon Valley Tel Aviv << Israel is #2 in the world Los Angeles Seattle New York City Boston London Toronto Vancouver Chicago Paris Sydney Sao Paulo Moscow Berlin Waterloo (Canada) Singapore Melbourne Bangalore Santiago How Israel’s startups stack up The report uses Silicon Valley as the index — a perfect 100 score. Israel ranks #2 in the world when compared to Silicon Value for the strength of its startup ecosystem. Israel ranks this high globally because “it has the 2nd highest output index of startups with a healthy funnel of startups across the developmental lifecycle, a highly developed finding ecosystem, a strong entrepreneurial culture, a vibrant support ecosystem, and a plentiful supply of talent”. Where Israel is strong as a startup culture According to the report, Israel has a similarly educated entrepreneurial community (40% with Masters/PhD vs 42% in Silicon Valley). Startups...

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