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In the News: Israel’s latest IPO + a foodtech menu

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange hosted its own IPO this week; as I told Bloomberg, “this is a sort of transformative moment that might focus the minds of Israeli companies.” What’s on the menu for Israeli foodtech? See the breakdown of 252 startups, as reported it in Forbes, along with what’s in store for the new Sparks foodtech incubator (with Finistere Ventures, Tnuva, Tempo Beverages and OurCrowd). Did you know? Google wants in on 6,000 Israeli startups within the next 3 years. Read the interview in CTech. Startup Nation and beyond The next frontier of ‘space’: Spacetech growth, the future of micro-mobility, and how to solve the ‘hell’ of open offices. Not so cloudy: ClimaCell is solving weather forecast modes and using cell tower signals to accurately predict weather. Anyone surprised? Israel in top 10 most innovative countries, climbing from 11th (2018), 17th (2017), 21st (2016). Top tech news this week Enterprise Hardware…From Apple Picking to Security Details: Six Israeli Companies Developing Specialized Drones, including Tevel Aerobotics and Airobotics. Cybersecurity…Teltonika Cooperates with NanoLock Security for Powerful Router Cyber Defense News from the Industry  Your body, disrupted: We expect healthcare to...

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Taking Stock of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: What investors need to know to get involved

Stock exchanges have multiple roles in any economy, such as raising capital for businesses, profit sharing, and facilitating company growth, to name just a few. The Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange is no different in its efforts to grow an economy that is emerging on to the world’s center stage. History of the Exchange Securities trading in Israel dates back to 1935. However, it wasn’t until 1953 that the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) officially began its operations. A decade after the exchange was founded, the TASE Clearing House was created to carry out payments on behalf of companies and clear all securities transactions conducted on and off of the exchange. In the early ’90s, the TASE introduced a derivatives market where investors could now be a part of stock market indicies, options, and currency trading. Later that decade, in 1997, the exchange introduced the Tel Aviv Continuous Trading (TACT) system. This automated system allowed for the continuous and simultaneous trading that was transparent for all investors, bringing Tel Aviv’s exchange on to the technological forefront. The TASE Today As the only...

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