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Technology Transfer: The engine driving Israel’s startup industry

Have you ever wondered how technologies that are developed on university campuses make it out of research labs and into the real world? For the majority of researchers—and particularly for student researchers— the commercialization process can appear to be a slightly daunting task at best and a giant black hole at worst. To help students and faculty utilize their research for commercial purposes, many universities employ a “technology transfer office” (TTO) which acts as a liaison between an academic institution and industry. TTOs are generally experts on patents, research collaborations, licences, and other relevant legal and financial matters. TTO’s and Israel: Together from the start You may have assumed—understandably so—that TTOs only started to spring up in Israel over the last decade, as excitement surrounding the country’s startup scene has skyrocketed. You’d then be surprised to learn that the first Israeli TTO, Yeda, was established at the Weizmann Institute in 1959, just 11 years after the country’s founding. During this period, revolutionary agricultural engineering research that was being conducted at Israeli academic institutions was transferred to kibbutzim and private...

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Joint Cornell-Technion campus gets super serious about its intellectual property

In a novel move, the Cornell NYC campus, a collaboration between the Ivy League school and Israel’s Technion, will get its own patent officer. The school, blessed by NYC Mayor Bloomberg with $100M in funding , is designed to bridge the gaps between technology study and entrepreneurship. Having an in-house patent officer could make the school and its attendees a force to reckon with in bringing new ideas to market. According to the Wall Street Journal: [bra_blockquote align=””]A U.S. Patent and Trademark Office staffer already is working at the Cornell NYC Tech applied sciences school’s temporary locale at Google’s Manhattan office, where the school is set to enroll its first class next year. The patent office has recently unveiled plans for satellite offices in places ranging from Detroit to California’s Silicon Valley. But the “innovation and outreach coordinator” at Cornell NYC Tech is a novel effort to help innovators on campus — and in the city at large — get advice on capitalizing on their ideas, Acting U.S. Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank and patent office Director David Kappos said.[/bra_blockquote]...

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