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Helping Change Lives: BioMed Innovation in the Startup Nation

And The Blind Shall See Again Ever wonder what causes the gradual onset of blindness? While invasive techniques do exist to combat diseases that result in blindness, wouldn’t it be nice if there was some way to deal with these diseases that didn’t involve cutting our eyes open? Well, Professor Shy Shoham and his team at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Technion felt so—and it seems they are on their way to developing a non-invasive solution to degenerative retinal diseases. So how does this thing work? Without getting too far into the particulars, the retina is to the eye as film is to the camera and degenerative retinal disease causes the eye’s “film” to be less sensitive to light, thus affecting vision. To help the retinal cells regain the necessary sensitivity to light required for vision, light-sensitive algae or bacteria are introduced into the eyes. Using holography, Shoham stimulates the retinal cells with very intense beams of light to specific cells, providing a high-resolution image. The team at the Technion hopes to develop some sort of prosthetic...

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Joint Cornell-Technion campus gets super serious about its intellectual property

In a novel move, the Cornell NYC campus, a collaboration between the Ivy League school and Israel’s Technion, will get its own patent officer. The school, blessed by NYC Mayor Bloomberg with $100M in funding , is designed to bridge the gaps between technology study and entrepreneurship. Having an in-house patent officer could make the school and its attendees a force to reckon with in bringing new ideas to market. According to the Wall Street Journal: [bra_blockquote align=””]A U.S. Patent and Trademark Office staffer already is working at the Cornell NYC Tech applied sciences school’s temporary locale at Google’s Manhattan office, where the school is set to enroll its first class next year. The patent office has recently unveiled plans for satellite offices in places ranging from Detroit to California’s Silicon Valley. But the “innovation and outreach coordinator” at Cornell NYC Tech is a novel effort to help innovators on campus — and in the city at large — get advice on capitalizing on their ideas, Acting U.S. Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank and patent office Director David Kappos said.[/bra_blockquote]...

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New breath test can identify cancer

[bra_dropcaps style=”dropcap1″]B[/bra_dropcaps]reath tests aren’t only useful for testing if you’ve had one too many to get behind the wheel. Dr. Hossam Haick, a researcher at the Technion, has found a way to test for lung malignancies through the breath. According to a recent article: [bra_blockquote align=””]the reported breath test in this study could have significant impact on reducing unnecessary investigation and reducing the risk of procedure-related morbidity and costs.[/bra_blockquote] Read New Technique Could Sniff Out...

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