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Burning up the wires: Media coverage of OurCrowd’s $25M funding round

Last week, OurCrowd announced the closing of $25 million series B funding round. The announcement generated a lot of buzz and news coverage across various media outlets. We wanted to share some of the results and compiled several of the top news stories for you. Check out our media coverage highlights below: Wall Street Journal OurCrowd Aims to Widen Pool of Angel Investors to Main Street “Even if it seems like everyone is an angel investor to those based in Silicon Valley or other pockets of the U.S., most wealthy people aren’t thinking about this asset class… Having just raised $25 million in a Series B round, OurCrowd is hoping to help more investors find their way to this market.” VentureBeat OurCrowd’s huge $25M round shows investors are hot on equity crowdfunding “OurCrowd has quickly become a major force in equity crowdfunding… Now the startup wants to ramp up that growth in Israel and abroad: OurCrowd today announced it has raised $25 million in new funding.” Reuters Israel’s OurCrowd raises $25 mln in private funding round “Since launching in February 2013, OurCrowd has...

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SHOCKER: Angel investors DO make money

There’s been an interesting back-and-forth occurring on TechCrunch the past couple of weeks about angel investing performance. The Anti-Camp: Angel investors can’t win In this corner, we’ve got Wealthfront’s Andy Rachleff. He penned an article entitled Why Angel Investors Don’t Make Money…. In his post, Rachleff explains how professional venture investors do make money (and at that, a small minority). The winning formula? Those premier venture firms succeed because they have proprietary knowledge of the characteristics of winning companies In his view of the world, there are winners and losers (losers mostly). The few who understand this “proprietary knowledge” make money at the expense of those who don’t. He doesn’t buy the idea that angel investors — without the large infrastructure and different incentive structure from traditional VCs — are taking share from venture capitalists. The Data-Doesn’t-Lie-Camp: Angels do make money Then we’ve got Robert Wiltbank’s Angel Investors Do Make Money. Wiltbank, a professor and angel investor himself, takes a hard look at angel returns via a recent study he published at Willamette University. Wiltbank’s research actually shows that...

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