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Meet your healthcare providers post Covid-19: Greater agility, better infection containment, fast diagnostics & telemedicine

When the coronavirus surfaced in China in December 2019, it set off a domino effect worldwide – with the number of active cases snowballing rapidly.  By February 2020, the daily increase in people falling ill with Covid-19 was in the thousands and -though international borders closed down and households went into lockdown – active cases skyrocketed in June to approximately 130,000 new cases a day, according to Worldometer.  Major global cities from New York, to London, and Mumbai found their healthcare systems direly overwhelmed by the tsunami of symptomatic citizens. Many countries tried to “flatten the curve” of the contagious infection to manage the unprecedented overload on public health systems, and to distribute the demand for medical care, intensive care unit beds, and ventilators over a longer period.  This large-scale global pandemic made healthcare – an industry traditionally slow to adopt innovation because of cumbersome regulatory and governmental pathways, low IT budgets, legacy systems, lack of trained personnel, and more – ripe for disruption. Technology entrepreneurs, unfettered by politics, bureaucracy and public financial constraint, entered the mainstream for the...

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The Future Came Early

Traditionally, corporations that invest in innovation during a crisis outperform peers by up to 30% during recovery, a recent McKinsey report reveals. Ironically, the same report also reveals that current corporate commitment to innovation has been decreasing as CEOs prioritize their core business in the wake of Covid-19. A brief look into the history books reveals another truth: The average life expectancy of corporations on the S&P 500 has been decreasing sharply — from 60 years in the 1950s to less than 20 today. The main reason is tech disruption, or the introduction of a new technology to market that renders all previous products obsolete.  But while tech disruption is nothing new — it’s been with us since the industrial revolution — the pace of technology adoption has increased sharply over the years. It took Americans about 50 years to adopt electricity in their homes, but only 10 to adopt the smartphone.  Then came Covid-19, which has accelerated tech adoption like never before. Amazon is hiring 100,000 new employees to meet record demand for e-commerce. Online grocery shopping has...

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In the News: What is Startup Nation’s next act?

As I like to say, Israel has a knack for turning “curses” into blessings, as Forbes mentions: “From challenging initial conditions–wilderness and desert, surrounded by hostile neighbors–Israelis have succeeded in developing a diversified and flourishing tech sector that is hardwired for entrepreneurial innovation.” Read up on Startup Nation’s Next Act: Becoming The World’s Open Innovation Valley as well as why Israel is set to become a 2020s tech powerhouse. Startup Nation and beyond Exciting news for Trusona, named one of the world’s 100 most promising start-ups to watch in 2019’s Upstart100 by CNBC. See who else made the list. UK Israel Tech Hub Launches 2020 Program With a Focus on Healthcare – The U.K. could benefit from Israel’s medtech capabilities, British Ambassador to Israel, Neil Wigan, said at the program’s launch event in Tel Aviv.  Check out which Israeli companies are driving innovation in diabetes care and treatment, including OurCrowd portfolio company DreaMed Diabetes. NanoLock Security joins forces with Mekorot to collaborate on device level cyber defense solutions to protect critical infrastructure from outsider, insider and supply chain cyberattacks. Top tech...

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In the News: Big news for Israel’s mobility sector

Good news for the Jerusalem tech ecosystem, ranked as 8th best for life science startups, a great start for a global city ranking! IPO news: Israeli startup Fiverr files to go public. Why are Singapore banks and businesses working with AI startups? Read up on Israeli tech’s Singapore connection, featuring OurCrowd. Big news for Israel’s mobility sector as autonomous vehicle startup Foretellix partners with software company Metamoto, Ford will open an innovation center, and we are less than a month away from EcoMotion week – see more details and a discount code below. Startup Nation and beyond Ford to open an innovation center in Israel, bringing delegation to scout for tech in artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, and cybersecurity. Mossad expands scope of investment arm, “calling on startups from fintech, robotics, data sciences and big data, among others, to apply for funding”. Check out this interview where I share perspectives on the Israeli tech scene and secrets to OurCrowd’s success. Top tech news this week Healthcare…OSSIO Announces U.S. Launch and First Commercial Use of the New OSSIOfiberTM Bone Pin for Hammertoe Correction and Telehealth Platform Tyto Care Joins Epic App Orchard Marketplace. Enterprise Software…Ubimo Location...

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