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Top 10 Post-Pandemic Tech Trends

by OurCrowd OurCrowd presented its top ten post-pandemic tech trends on July 13, 2021, broadcasting them live to an audience around the world. With so many changes and challenges during the last year of the pandemic, from shortages of consumer goods to moving life online, the tech industry has been more important than ever in providing creative solutions. It has also been a record-breaking year for venture capital investing, and overall growth in the tech industry. The online event was based on a popular session of the OurCrowd Global Investor Summit held annually in Jerusalem and which was canceled this year due to the pandemic. “It’s extremely important this year given the unprecedented growth of the tech investment scene driven by the unbelievable digital transformation that has affected all of our lives,” said Jon Medved, the founder and CEO of OurCrowd, as he opened the event. “There is no better time to analyze what the tech trends are for the smart investor, and where the technology market is moving.” Many of the ideas and solutions that emerged during the...

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In the News: Watch full-length content or join our highlights webinar | 2020 OurCrowd Summit

“A great event. Very well organized. For venture capitalists like myself, this event is even better than CES.” – Dong-Su Kim, CEO, LG Technology Ventures The 2020 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit was another record-breaking gathering; 23,000 registered from 186 countries. What was especially inspiring were the stories on stage – especially the 3 stories of 3 lives saved by our portfolio companies.  See what others are saying, watch what you missed, relive what inspired you at the 2020 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit! Check out the highlights, press, videos, photos and more content here. See the captured moments on Facebook and make sure to tag yourselves! Join me on Monday, February 24th (10:00 Israel, 16:00 Hong Kong, 19:00 Sydney) for a 1-hour live recap of the Summit. Watch the highlights as I share some of the key moments, speakers and startups. Add to calendar by clicking below:  Coverage of the 2020 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit Startups Saving Lives: 3 Stories from the 2020 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit, as featured in The Jerusalem Post, and in our video recap. Watch: Interview...

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In the News: Were we right about 2019? + What’s coming in 2020?

It was a pleasure to be hosted at the SALT conference in Abu Dhabi, where, amongst other topics, we discussed startup ecosystems ranging from UAE, USA, Israel and beyond. I was one of the first Israeli VCs to speak openly in an investor conference in the Gulf, and I was thrilled to see the enthusiasm among investors for cooperation with Israel. Up next: As we wrap up 2019, we examine what’s next for tech in 2020. Each year we predict 10 impactful tech trends; were we right about last year? Review what was predicted for 2019, and sign up to see live, in-person what we anticipate next, at the 2020 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit this February 13th in Jerusalem. Apply now. Startup Nation and beyond The EdgyBees’ hive of partners is buzzing: US Air Force awards multiple contracts to the collaborative visual software leader to enhance situational awareness.  Hitting pay dirt: CropX teamed up with Costa Rica’s FarmAgro, to offer Latin American farmers accurate predictive power based on soil analytics. Forever young: Researchers set out roadmap for using cannabis to ease...

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Top 10 Tech Impact Trends presented at #OCSummit19

A much anticipated event at the annual OurCrowd Global Investor Summit is the presentation of what we predict will be 10 tech trends throughout the year ahead, reflecting the views of our investment team as well as input from our global network. In light of this year’s Summit theme, Global Impact, Stav Erez and Eli Nir presented 10 tech impact trends which we believe will change the world for the better in 2019. Before we jump into this year’s trends, have a look at the video below in which we address the outcome of the trends presented at our 2018 Summit: *Find the video of the full presentation at the bottom of this post. Let’s dive in! This year’s trends are: 1. Education Gets Smarter Schools have existed since before 2000 BC. Looking at classrooms today, it almost seems that the technological revolution has skipped the education system. However, we believe this revolution is inevitable due to the increase in connected devices and technologies such as computer vision, AI and more. According to PR Newswire, the EdTech market is estimated to...

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Top Ten Tech Trends for 2018!

We are already deep into the first half of 2018, and it is looking like a pivotal year for technology. Will this be the year that traditional sectors like construction and medicine finally embrace the future? Will startups reach challenging demographics like the elderly? Will financial institutions finally meet their match with cryptocurrencies?  OurCrowd surveyed our partners in the ecosystem – CEOs, MNCs, VCs – to bring you the top tech trends for 2018, as discussed at #OCSummit18. Starting not least with U.S. President Donald Trump, the world is taking a hard look at infrastructure. With this reckoning comes the question of the notoriously inefficient and non-digitized sector of construction. Despite having an enormous slice of the world’s economy, at around 6% of global GDP, the sector has proven to cling stubbornly to its traditional ways. High tech solutions are badly needed; it is estimated that digitization can reduce costs by a staggering 45%, and can cure the long delays and budget overruns which plague nearly every project. Startups are hearing the cry, supplementing the capabilities of engineers and...

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