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Modern Plagues: Let our people live – with these startup technologies

Cancer, diabetes, and drug abuse are among what come to mind when thinking of modern plagues on our society. These plagues are daunting and seemingly unsolvable. The modern minds behind startup technology are actually aiming to solve these issues. Overcoming opioid addiction Startups are utilizing technology – from AI to cannabis tech – to develop cures and solutions for overcoming opioid addiction. Riley Cote, NHL hockey player, went so far as to state at the 2019 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit that the prohibition of cannabis is actually the direct cause of the opioid crisis. Cote spoke from personal experience when he said that cannabis is a useful tool to deal with pain, and significantly less dangerous and addictive than opioids or other pain killers. Advancing this breakthrough forward, a startup called Syqe Medical has developed a pocket-sized cannabis based inhaler that is one of the promising alternatives for opioid use as a painkiller. Dr. Gidi Stein, co-founder and CEO of MedAware, also discussed the steps he and his colleagues are taking to end pain killer addiction. Dr. Stein told...

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In the News: Lots of IPO talk, while Israel works to ‘scale up’

Everyone’s talking about how it’s raining IPOs – following Beyond Meat’s Nasdaq debut, Uber went public this past Friday; see interesting data here on today’s tech IPOs. Or watch my interview where I discuss how OurCrowd provides access to startups before they go public. Is Israel at 71 a scale-up nation? Read what I and other VCs have to say in this article. Startup Nation and beyond “There are more than 6,600 startups in Israel’s small and connected economy, 14 times the concentration of startups per capita in Europe.” Turning 71, Israel can look with pride at the tech firms it has generated. Featured in Forbes: How is fintech unicorn Lemonade disrupting the insurance business? See how the startup BioCatch prevents identity fraud by observing device interactions. Great coverage of Sweetch: Promising patients’ compliance and engagement with AI-based behavioral intelligence engine. Top tech news this week Healthcare…For Medical Cannabis Users, the Biggest Problem Is a Consistent Dose, Says Syqe Medical CEO and Israeli startup Insightec uses ultrasound waves to reduce Parkinson’s tremors. Cybersecurity…CyberX Selected as “Hot IoT Security Startup to Watch” Based on Named Enterprise Customers, Strength of Team, and Investors. News from the Industry  Honing Harvest: With...

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