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Outsmarting diabetes: Q&A with a digital health expert on the future of prevention

Everything starts with people and ends with people. […] And in order to really touch people, you have to understand how to translate healthcare IT platforms and apps into something that is encouragable. Something that touches people’s emotion.” — Dr. Yossi Bahagon, Sweetch Dr. Yossi Bahagon, Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of Sweetch, OurCrowd’s latest investment opportunity, is setting out to predict and prevent diabetes. Sweetch, a smartphone platform, leverages a unique diabetes prediction engine to produce a dynamic risk-meter, which interfaces with a custom, automated coaching regimen to guide users toward lowering their risk of developing diabetes in compliance with the “Diabetes Prevention Program” (DPP). A clinically active family physician, entrepreneur, and worldwide key opinion leader on e-Health, m-Health, and Tele-Care, Dr. Bahagon founded Clalit Health Services Digital Health Division, the largest Health Maintenance Organization in Israel and one of the largest e-Health platforms in the world. SEE ALSO: Anatomy of OurCrowd’s Innovative MedTech Portfolio [Infographic] OurCrowd’s Audrey Jacobs recently interviewed Yossi Bahagon about Sweetch and the digital health sector, discussing some of Yossi’s background and how that impacts where Sweetch is headed. Outsmarting diabetes: Q&A...

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Prevent Diabetes: A new way for 86M prediabetics to go off course

While diabetes is undoubtedly a big problem, with 29.1 million diabetics in the US, approximately 60 million in Europe, and 371 million across the globe, there are considerably more people who qualify as “pre-diabetic”. In fact, 86 million Americans are estimated to be pre-diabetic. The statistics are overwhelming: Half of all healthy 45-year-olds will develop prediabetes, a condition of elevated blood sugar that can lead to full-blown insulin-dependent Type II diabetes, according to a recent comprehensive study in The Netherlands. At the same time, there is also room for hope: Making lifestyle changes while prediabetic can reduce one’s risk of developing actual diabetes by 58%, according to a 2002 U.S. government-funded study. But that is much easier said than done. In order to significantly reduce one’s risk, individuals need to exercise for two and a half hours each week, and eat less fat and fewer calories, ideally reducing their body weight by 7%, according to the 2002 study. And those participating in the study that achieved this outcome had a team of counselors offering instruction and motivation, as well...

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