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[Surgical Theater in New Electronics] VR can be good for your health

In other areas of surgery, VR is being used by surgeons to plan procedures. Stanford Medical Center, the school of medicine at Stanford University, opened its Neurological Simulation Lab in 2017, using a VR system by Surgical Theater. The software creates a 3D model of the brain, compiled using MRIs (magnetic resonance images), CT (computed tomography) scans and angiograms (where dye is injected to show the paths of blood vessels). Read...

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[Surgical Theater in abc7 WJLA] GWU Hospital doctor’s new research of COVID-affected lungs using virtual reality

“I think it resonates with people because they’re able to see it for themselves,” said Dr. Keith Mortman, who worked with a company called Surgical Theater to create that virtual reality rendering of the lungs. “I think it puts it in such a context that the general public can look at those 3D, 360-degree virtual reality images, recognize them as lungs, and recognize the abnormal portion of the lungs, and see how quickly a patient can become sick.” Read...

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