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Four Best Practices for Companies During a Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic arrived unannounced in late 2019, disrupting lives and businesses in ways that were previously unimaginable. It could get a lot worse before it gets better, but the world has not ended. Steering a company through the uncertainty of this crisis is daunting, but here are four tips OurCrowd shared with its portfolio to help chart the right course. 1. Don’t fight the wave, ride it  In times of crisis, companies need to be very agile and maintain the ability to adjust quickly to new realities. “Remain relevant” is the mantra of the hour, and that means crafting your message or adjusting the focus of your product or services to be more relevant for the world as it is. Now is the time of distant learning, social distancing, and obviously the medical applications – think hard about where you fit in. 2. Reach out to your customers  You need to be in constant contact with your customers. Don’t just assume that because you’ve had a customer for the last two years that they’ll be there for the...

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Business Unusual: Time for Tech to Move Fast and Fix Things

The following op-ed was written by OurCrowd CEO Jonathan Medved and former Assistant to the President of the United States, Jason Greenblatt. The rapid spread of the coronavirus has thrown our vision of a connected digital world poised to solve any crisis through global communication into disarray. We must acknowledge that despite the incredible advances our society has made as a result of technology, we failed to spot the patterns of this pandemic before they spread. COVID-19 has changed the world, creased the social fabric, upended business, and threatened supply chains. People are fearful and hunkering down at home. And it’s likely to get a lot worse before it gets better. It’s time for tech to shine and help things get back to normal and to prepare for a more successful, healthy and safe future. Now is the time to move fast and fix things. This world-wide crisis presents the greatest challenge yet faced by digital technology. This new struggle against an invisible lethal threat will result in the creation of new areas of business activity. Some that exist...

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Startups Taking on the Coronavirus Pandemic

The reality of the corona crisis for startup companies – and really any business – is that they need to stay as relevant as possible in this new, uncharted environment. Many of the long term trends that were evident before the crisis such as distance learning, working from home, or e-commerce, are now reaching an inflection point. These trends have been accelerated beyond belief in the last few weeks and a snap back to the prior status quo seems unlikely once this crisis is over. It is doubtful that brick and mortar stores will regain much of the market share they’ve lost to online e-commerce before the crisis began. There are going to be long term systematic changes as a result of the change in behavior,  from telehealth and medtech to vaccines and early warning, OurCrowd portfolio companies are helping combat the corona crisis and are already gearing up to fight the next pandemic. Technologies for fighting pandemics are not just trendy hype.   The reality is, pandemics are here to stay, and the global community needs to be ready for...

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