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Gone Global: Why did Israel emerge as a world-leading startup ecosystem?

Much has been written about Israel’s emergence as one of the leading startup ecosystems in the world, but less effort has been made to truly understand why the Startup Nation has achieved this global recognition and level of success. Some of our favorite explanations for what makes Israel a thriving launch pad of technological innovation include: a pervasive pioneering ethos; in a way, Israel itself is a ‘startup’ among hi tech countries large immigrant populations with international networks and experience an informal culture and social structure hutzpah – you know it when you see it a tolerance for high-risk startup founders are cultural icons and role models small geographic area allows for leveraging tight-knit, interconnected networks the military provides training in leadership, teamwork and exposure to cutting-edge technologies Each of these reasons are worth exploring in their own right, but the reason for Israel’s success we want to focus on here is the idea that Israeli startups go global from day one. With a population of only 8 million people spanning 8,000 sq. miles, the country presents a very small domestic business opportunity for most...

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The million-dollar question: What kind of angel investor are you?

As an angel investor, you already likely know (or soon will) that there is a long list of young technology companies and enthusiastic entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas, ready to pitch to you in the hopes of securing an investment. For example: OurCrowd screens at least 200 companies a month before we choose who to meet, and of those, the 2-4% to invest in and present to our accredited investor community. In addition, we have our own set of criteria for who and what we’ll offer as investment opportunities. So… how do you identify investments? How do you choose which company’s deck to review, which CEO to meet with? Most likely, as an angel investor, you fit a certain type. Knowing what drives you to invest in a particular startup may help you consolidate the time and energy that goes into your investing strategy. Stage Most angel investors are interested in seed or early-stage companies. Certainly, growth-oriented companies are the ones in most need of angel funding, as VCs typically invest when a company already shows long-term growth potential. But if you are an investor...

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Gateway to Asia: OurCrowd announces strategic partnership with UOB to bring equity crowdfunding to Singapore

The Startup Nation and Smart Nation just became that much closer. Earlier today, OurCrowd announced that it has closed a strategic partnership agreement with United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB), headquartered in Singapore. This collaboration is OurCrowd’s first official foray into Asia and represents a significant step towards developing the FinTech ecosystem in the region. OurCrowd, together with UOB and with the support and investment of the Sassoon Investment Corporation, an investment holding company with deep roots in Asia, is working to bring equity crowdfunding to Singapore and beyond – offering a new asset class to accredited investors in the region of Asia. The partnership pairs UOB’s strengths and depth of experience in serving entrepreneurs as well as small-and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the region with OurCrowd’s expertise in investing in some of the world’s most promising startups via equity crowdfunding. This is an important announcement for OurCrowd but it’s equally important for our investors. Through this collaboration, OurCrowd’s global investor community will be able to invest in innovative Asian companies with differentiated and highly scalable products, who in turn will now get access to another source of funding through OurCrowd’s equity crowdfunding platform. This isn’t...

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Introducing the new OurCrowd First website

We are excited to announce the release of the newly designed OurCrowd First website. OurCrowd First is OurCrowd’s first-ever venture fund that was raised from more than 100 individual investors on the OurCrowd website in June 2015. Managed by serial entrepreneurs Eduardo Shoval and Yori Nelken, OurCrowd First takes a hands-on investment approach, leveraging the rich startup experience of its General Partners to provide meaningful, substantial guidance to our portfolio companies. OurCrowd First gives our investors access to even earlier-stage investment opportunities from the StartUp Nation. The fund has reached exciting milestones since launch – making several new investments, some with leading co-investors, entering partnerships with world-class institutions such as Credit Suisse, and most recently, co-hosting Israel’s premier startup competition with Poalim Bank and Keshet Broadcasting. The new OurCrowd First website presents the fund to both prospective investors interested in learning more about investing in Israel’s premier seed-stage fund, and to prospective entrepreneurs seeking funding and looking to discover what OurCrowd First is all about. Live now at www.OurCrowdFirst.com, you’ll find the following pages: Home Page: Introduces the OurCrowd First fund, its...

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WEBINAR: How experienced investors evaluate – and invest through – online equity platforms

In an industry barely a few years old and growing quickly, angel investors are faced with multiple choices when deciding if they should try an accredited investor equity platform for startup investments. It can be exciting and daunting as the platforms themselves differ greatly in their business model, deal types, and possible outcomes. Join Rany Raviv, VP Business Development and M&A Iberdrola Renewables, Sarit Rozycki, President at SLR Associates in NYC, Shai Magzimof, CEO & Co-Founder of NextPeer, and Jonathan Medved, CEO of OurCrowd, for a 60-minute webinar with Angel Capital Association exploring the various online equity platforms for startup investing. Investor Experiences with Online Equity Platforms Wednesday, January 13th, 2016 (7:00 PM Israel / 12:00 PM NYC / 3:00 PM San Francisco) In this webinar, you will: Learn from two experienced angel investors who’ve each invested through several different platforms. Learn how they evaluate platforms, including differences in experience, term sheets and, of course, deal flow. >> Reserve your seat on the webinar Moderator: Bill Carleton, Attorney with McNaul Ebel Nawrot & Helgren. Bill is a key member of the ACA public policy...

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