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Become a Self-Aware Investor

Become a Self-Aware Investor “Time is the friend of the wonderful company, the enemy of the mediocre.” This famous quote by Warren Buffet – who is currently valued as having a total net worth of $78.7 billion – reflects the well-known tendencies of this wildly successful investor to make incredible stock picks, and then to hold his stocks for a long time. But how does one identify what Buffet terms a “wonderful company”? What drives an individual’s investment decisions? With so many companies and markets to choose from – and endless “expert” advisors offering advice – how does one cut through and identify the right investment route? Blueprint for Success As with other situations where there are just too many choices, and you need to weed through the options and figure out find what you’re really looking for – for example, as a student choosing a university or deciding on a career – it’s partly a question of self-definition: understanding what you want, what you believe in, and what your strengths are. The key to effective decision-making in these...

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Just released: Agenda for the 2017 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit

It’s just 36 days away. People from 62 countries have signed up to attend. Tech companies in hot sectors – automotive innovation, machine learning, robotics – will demo their take on the future. Last year we asked the audience: what is the power of the crowd? What does the future of startup innovation and investing look like? Next month, get briefed on how far the global startup ecosystem has come in 2016, concrete examples of the power of the crowd, and how the future is actually already here. Here’s a peek at the agenda for the 2017 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit – including top speakers, eye-opening technology, and actionable investment ideas: How Global Firms Are Deploying Startup Technologies To Change the World, presented by senior executives of those firms, along with CEOs from breakthrough startups Forecast of 2017’s Most Promising Tech Investments, by a panel of top investment professionals Live Investment Team Debate on an Actual Startup, with VC pros providing an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at how they vet a tech company Why Asia Is Fast Becoming the New Source of Capital for Startups, with...

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Watch: A day in the life of an OurCrowd investor

What’s it like for an investor to engage with startup investing – including diligence material, conversations with peers, and Q&A with company execs – throughout her day-to-day? With her smartphone, she receives a push notification when a new pre-vetted investment opportunity is announced. she invites personal contacts to join her private ‘deal room’ and discuss diligence material. she enters a live ‘Ask Me Anything’ session with a funding company’s CEO for firsthand details about growth projections, competitive landscape, team background, and more. she has the opportunity to connect with her global peers and industry experts to further discuss investment opportunities. she makes investment decisions and acts on them at her pace. That’s just a glimpse into the experience and tools investors access with the OurCrowd App. Ready to give it a try? We’re hosting our next live “Ask Me Anything” event on the app this Thursday, January 12th, featuring OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved answering questions about the new OC50 Portfolio Index Fund. Learn more about the OurCrowd App; if you’re an investor, download the app for iOS or Android.  ...

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What Babe Ruth could teach about maximizing returns on your startup investments

It’s seems a waste to talk about startup investing without sharing some of the most awe-inspiring successes. We could start with Accel, the VC that invested $12.7 million in Facebook’s series A to buy 11% – back in 2005 – in a deal that was widely ridiculed for the valuation that Accel was willing to pay. Of course, Accel had the last laugh. In 2012, at IPO, Facebook’s market cap was over $100 billion, meaning that Accel eventually realized a return of 800 times its principal investment. Or else we could have a look at Bessemer Venture Partners’ $6 million series A for Intucell in 2011, which purchased them nearly half of the Israeli startup. Two years later – with no additional funding – Intucell was acquired by Cisco for nearly $500 million. Bessemer’s stake of about 50% returned over 25-30 times their principal investment. It goes without saying that these are the sorts of stories you generally don’t find outside of the VC space, in other asset classes – and it’s the magnetic pull that draws investors to startups. At...

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New year, new beginnings: An intro to Venture Capital 101

Consider this your formal welcome to a new year, with new ways to consider investing. If you’ve been considering diversifying your investment portfolio with startup investing – read on for an overview of how to get started. Yet another diversification conversation Most financial professionals agree that asset allocation is one of the most important investment decisions, and many recommend diversification across asset classes, as opposed to just picking and purchasing stocks. Spreading your investments across asset classes reduces risk: Obviously, a portfolio comprised of only a few stocks and bonds is susceptible to a big hit should the market suffer a drop; or, even worse, a crash. Those who divide their investments — not only among different stocks and bonds, but other asset classes, such as cash, real estate, or short-term money market securities, for instance — won’t be as impacted by a downturn. Additionally, paying attention to the particular risk level of each investment, and balancing allocation appropriately, is a way to come out ahead. Depending on what your investment goals are – a child’s college fund vs. retirement...

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