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In the News: Israel’s exit value grew 800% in the last decade

OurCrowd’s portfolio is heating up: Alpha Tau launches their first US cancer trial; AgTech company CropX acquires the startup CropMetrics (cloud and sensor-based tech that provides irrigation timing recommendations to farmers); and great news for Zebra Medical Vision: Ohad Arazi joins as CEO, Amnon Shashua joins as a new investor – congrats to our brilliant chairman Eyal Gura and team. Trusona raises $20 million to bring passwordless authentication to more businesses – OurCrowd was happy to participate in the round. Watch my interview from the SALT Abu Dhabi conference, where I was the first Israeli VC to speak publicly in the Gulf.  Startup Nation and beyond Talking about growth, would you believe that Israel’s exit value grew 800% in the last decade? Exits inked throughout the 2010-2019 decade amount to $111 billion. Some 138 deals totaling $21.7 billion were inked in 2019 alone. Startup nation: Israeli high-tech sector notes record 2019, outstanding decade. Taking out life insurance, typically, is not the sort of purchasing decision that people make with any level of enthusiasm. Can Yulife breathe new life into life...

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In the News: Your weekly roundup from the desk of Jon Medved

Are you with us this week at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco? Meet OurCrowd’s medical portfolio, including 16 startups creating revolutionary solutions in areas including cancer treatment, blood testing, wound care, diabetes management, medical cannabis, care for older adults, and more. Schedule a meeting. Venture capital has been perhaps the best performing asset class over the last 25 years. The problem is that most people can’t access it… So where do people go to actually get into this VC bonanza? The answer is, they come here to OurCrowd, where we invite the investor to not just invest with us in the company but to help *grow* the company… Come see it in person at the 2020 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit on February 13th and meet thousands of your colleagues, and see hundreds of startups. Looking forward to seeing you there… Startup Nation and beyond So proud of this spectacular OurCrowd portfolio company bringing high performance free weather data to India together with Google…Google and ClimaCell team up to launch a new high-resolution weather forecast for India.  Another...

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In the News: Touring Israeli tech with NFL visitor, agtech miracles

Last week was fruitful across many sectors: Reps from over 40 countries arrived in Israel to discover Israeli agtech miracles; one of our newest agtech portfolio additions Tevel wowed the crowd with its robotic drone fruit picker. Meanwhile, we had the pleasure to introduce NFL star Deshaun Watson to Israel’s sports tech landscape, with a view of Jerusalem. In weather news, various startups are aiming to predict the weather with utmost accuracy – but Israeli-founded ClimaCell is a major player in the “real cloud wars”. Read on for more Israeli startup news. Startup Nation and beyond New US-Israel R&D center to get $16M for advancing energy tech – the center will “tackle finding tech solutions to challenges facing the energy, water, cybersecurity and fossil fuel sectors.” Lemonade: Reinventing renters and homeowners insurance with on-demand service and social responsibility. “To remain at the head of the pack, or even to survive, businesses need to constantly embrace cutting-edge innovation.” prooV: Removing barriers to speedy innovation. Top tech news this week Mobility…Volkswagen ties-up with Zoomcar to provide car subscription. Cybersecurity…ThetaRay Wins 2019 Fortress...

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Winning the Gold for Innovation: The OurCrowd Olympics Connection

The Olympic Games have always been a time for the world to come together and admire the potential of the human species as a whole, especially the athletes’ physical and mental capabilities, like talent, skill, and strategy. But there’s a lot more to admire about the international sporting event, namely the proliferation of amazing technological advances that help the athletes on an individual level and facilitate the event itself taking place. High-level security technology, medical innovations, and imaging technology, for example, are being put to service in sports and sporting events to prevent and treat injury, improve training and performance, enhance the experience for fans, and more. As the 2016 Rio Olympics are rapidly coming to a close, we survey four outstanding companies from our portfolio, highlighting their current and potential contributions to the sports technology sub-sectors and events inside and outside the arenas – the OurCrowd-Olympics connection. BriefCam As the developers of a revolutionary video synopsis technology, BriefCam has a direct connection to the summer Olympics as it is helping Rio monitor its bank of surveillance cameras and is assisting authorities in keeping track of what’s happening at street...

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Intel hitting it out of the park, acquires OurCrowd’s portfolio company Replay Technologies

Game. Set. Match. We’re excited to share that earlier today Intel announced its acquisition of OurCrowd’s portfolio company, Replay Technologies. We are delighted with today’s news about the Intel acquisition of Replay Technology. This is good news for Replay and its investors and for Intel. We believe that together Replay and Intel will create even more excitement in the fast growing area of sports technology.” ~ OurCrowd Founder & CEO, Jon Medved Back in January, at CES 2016, Intel had announced several sports-oriented collaborations, including Replay Technologies, as a testament to the company’s growing interest in the digitization of sports. Intel states that it is especially excited about how data is re-inventing the way people consume and interact with sports media. Now, Intel is taking the next step in its collaboration with Replay Technologies, stating that: Together, we will scale this new category for sports entertainment that we call immersive sports, which is attracting the attention of leagues, venues, broadcasters and fans. Immersive sports requires the high-performance computing Intel is known for, and it’s also data driven – fueling the continued build out...

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